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Jenny is a lover of people and hopeful words. She gets to do life alongside her husband Kris for the past 22 years as he Pastor’s in Family Ministry! Together, they are learning to love each other deeper by the day, forgive on repeat, and create space to grow their marriage tighter than ever. 

They love living out God’s adventure together and following His lead as they seek to give Him their best this side of eternity. Even in their lowest places, they have seen the powerful and redemptive work of Jesus working all the crazy things together for His fame.

She is the sweatshirt and comfy pants wearing, sleep deprived, coffee consuming, attempting to workout, homeschool Momma to five kids. She is a journal loving, felt tip pen (in every color) kind of nerd. She currently parents in all the ages and stages from training toddler tantrums, trying to nurture a tween daughter, all the way up to launching her first adult son into the world! 

You can find Jenny outdoors soaking up creation and shouting every time an eagle flies by her house on the river. The mountains are where she hears God the loudest. She is crazy about winter and finding God in the highs and lows of everyday. 


- Thanks for stopping by friends! Make yourself at home here. My table may not be clean, you will probably step on legos, and I promise there are dishes in the sink. HOWEVER...you can count on warm coffee and honest conversation around the power of Jesus in our everyday. I can't wait to hang out with you and I won't be offended if you bring the carbs.

With Love,


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