getting off the guilt trip

Our hearts are full these days of parenting our own kiddos and journeying with other families. Raising little ones can be overwhelming and exhausting. Young parents live in a guilt trip society these days. One where well meaning Mommas compare themselves to each other and often offer unsolicited advice to parents who are trying to find what works for their family. Its hard to find your way when there are hundreds of "bandwagons" one could hop on. 
Sitting in my Moms small group last week I saw the tears welling up in one dear Mommas eyes. Our leader and I were sharing about letting go of expectations of others and finding freedom in what works for each individual child whether it be; 
how your child falls asleep,
what the eating schedule looks like, 
how often you frequent the Farmers Market for organic produce, 
or how long one chooses to stay in her pajamas during the week,
 I am amazed at the growing amount of pressure on parents and it doesn't get any better as they grow older either! The bandwagons are still offering rides, they just look a little different. All those decisions require thought (except staying in PJ's all day) but nothing compares to the intentionality of teaching your kids about God.
While we have raised 4 kids through baby days and toddler years and are happy to share about what life looked like for our family back then. Even greater is our passion to encourage parents to be the number one faith trainer in the lives of their kids. Of all the things in this life that we could get hyped up about let it be owning the responsibility to teach them about Jesus. 

"Write these commands that I've given you today on your hearts.
 Get them inside of you and then get them inside your children. 
Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home, or walking in the street; 
Talk about them from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night..." -Deuteronomy 6 Message

If you are the parents of little ones or if you are the one giving advice to those parents, lets keep in mind what truly matters most and encourage one another to talk about our God from sunup to sundown and all the places in-between! 
May we have the courage to hop off the bandwagons that lead to guilt and hop on the path of discipling  our kids. We are cheering for you!