taking in a new view

 My heart beats wildly for outdoor scenery, especially mountains and water. However...for this day the usual Mon-Fri view of the trees and expanse of the sky view would do just fine.
I rarely go out into the yard and appreciate the carpet like grass mowed by the oldest son because I take my seat on the porch and love to look.
In that moment of stepping into the yard I heard the Lord say to me, "Jenny you've been looking, but you are not stepping."
In perfect Jesus fashion I realized that my little lesson of looking and stepping out was kindly related to my looking out and dreaming of what  is ahead for our family. I needed to step out off the porch and practice the presence of Jesus with my straight up trust issues. 
The picture of our home and the people that fill it with life is my view from the yard looking back.
If you are a little like me and you do a lot of looking out over what may be ahead...try stepping out, looking back over His already proven faithfulness
and take in a new view.

It promises to show off His provision.