hope deferred

As our sons have grown, so have their dreams about what they want to be when they graduate. The dreaming of surfers, snowboarders, skate boarders, NBA draft picks, drummers or guitar band members, are very much  realities worth chasing.

They talk about places they want to live which mostly include snow and mountains or beach and water. They live in conversations together about opening a
 Krispy Kreme/Chick- fil - a combo restaurant (brilliant). 
These dreams change every other month or so and we all sit around and listen as the dreams build and the plans are mapped out for how they will follow these hopes. 
As parents who love our children, its easy to steer them clear of dreams that may seem like dead end streets. We appreciate the motivational thinking but c'mon people...
 We are available to listen to the dreaming, the little boy planning, and watch the eyes light up at the thought of racing on a team or touring with the band. While we want to be supportive of chasing dreams... we also insert phrases like,
"That sounds like fun, but you have to support your wife and kids!"

"If you don't go to college, what will you do if you want to do something else?"

"But don't you want to live by ME? (kidding/not kidding)"
Confession time. I absolutely spoke each of these phrases tonight to my middle son who has changed his dream to mountain biking. 
Then it hit me...a verse that God brings to mind whenever I get too focused on plans that make sense to a world of career ladder climbers or collegiate scholars. 
Its easy to  forget that God created our kids with hopes and desires. He even knows the desires of those hearts and knows the steps they will take.
 I want to be that Mom that cheers for our children and readily listens to dream chasing conversations. When we set them straight and shut down the dream machines we defer hope.
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, 
but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life." - Proverbs 13:12
It is our prayer that we can not only listen and speak words of hope and encourage our children, but we must remember that our words give life or cause hearts to weaken.