check your clock

Confession: Some mornings I am ready for bed before I get out of it.
 Other days I eat up the memories one right after the other and chase the day all the way to the sunset. As much as I love to not waste the day being consumed with myself, I am quite capable. Most of the time the fear of what I am missing wakes me up to the reality that we aren't promised tomorrow.

Sitting in a roomful of women last week, there was one who shared about the heartache of being a single Mom. She walks us through the conversations she has with her son about divorce and tears fall. She is desperate for answers to give her son in those hard moments of questions and sadness.
 She wants to give her son Jesus answers. 
Ones that stick and last and get him through the hard days.
 I get it. I was a little girl in the middle of a divorce. She knows there is redemption in every story but she feels the weight and holds on tightly to the truth.
 She takes her moments with her boy, finds hope to press on,
 and makes life happen for the two of them.
I love hearing stories. Ones where parents care. 
Stories of dads being intentional to lead. 
Heart felt words of moms staying in the game with teenagers.
The kind where you see glimpses into homes. 
Good stories and hard stories alike speak of the reality of our deep hunger for God to be welcomed into the moments in homes
We want our kids to see the need for Jesus. 
We want our kids to gain confidence in Gods faithfulness.
"Teach us to number our days,
 that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12
 It sounds simple. By numbering our days. we gain wisdom. That wisdom gets passed down.
Another sweet Mom shared that her younger daughter seems to be making the connection to her need for Jesus while her son just doesn't seem to be getting it. They are doing their part as parents. Teaching, talking through the days, and pointing to Jesus.
 She is doing her part of finding the time but faith takes time doesn't it? 

Kris shared a quote this morning that I love. 
"Have you ever stopped to think that maybe God established time as a platform so He could communicate something so complex that it needed to be presented strategically over time?"
- Reggie Joiner

It takes time to come to faith. It takes time to grow that new faith. Time then rocks that faith. 
God uses time. 
Here is to a new week of putting in time with each other.
Think of time as Gods platform to be strategic with your kids.
 Check your clock so you don't miss out.