adoption show off

I just tucked her in. 

Today was full of looking through pictures and telling stories of her beginnings in Korea.
 On October 22 we celebrate the day we flew home from Seoul.
Molly's adoption has always been a part of our conversations.
 Each year that passes, she asks different questions. 
Today she sat close to me and I started her story from the very beginning, before Mommy and Daddy even got married. Before our family even began, we hoped for her.
Adoption wasn't something we did to be trendy. 
People love to make assumptions as to 
why a family would reach beyond themselves to love another.
Adoption was what God asked us to do.
Since adopting Molly we have heard about the desire to adopt from many. I mean LOTS of people say, "I've always wanted to do that."
"God keeps bringing adoption up and I'm not sure why."
"I just am afraid...of what may be wrong with the child."
"I could never afford to adopt."
"I am worried about what others, especially what my family would think."
To all of those concerns I say, "I get it."
Since we have traveled this road I can also say,
 if you are hearing from God and you don't step out, you will miss out.
Boy, would we have missed out. The
that went into Him leading us to her.
We had fears about her health...we had fears about our biological kids when they were born.
There is no guarantee in childbirth or adoption.

Our family had concerns and doubts about the process but once she came home they were in love. Obviously.

We could not afford it. We had no savings when we started and had to save up for the application fee. But we did and from the moment we stepped out, he dished out the $32,000 in fees to get her home. The beauty in asking for help is that...they get to help. In their helping God prompts them to pray, to hope, to love the orphans around the globe. Some who helped us have now adopted. 
There is beauty in not having it all together.
For us, we were completely removed from the miracle. 
We could not accomplish it.
Just in our willingness, God could show off...and He did.
And He will for you too if you step out because adoption is Gods idea, His heartbeat, His most relatable and tangible way to teach us about our own adoption as His sons and daughters.
It is a way to grow a family but its more about living out His command to go, take in, and love unconditionally.