empty applause

I've heard it too many times.

"We just don't have time for anything else but sports and our family is falling apart because we never stop going."
 For some families the demands of travel teams, competitive academic pressure, and saying yes to any and every opportunity just to gain popularity and applause
leaves them wishing they had the bigger picture in view.

Thankfully our exhausted efforts  never outrun Gods sovereignty in the lives of our kids.

I heard John Piper speak at Passion a few years ago. This quote stuck. " God's love for you is so great  that He doesn't make you the endpoint."

I find those words both funny and comforting! He knows better than to let us be our end. He happily wants to be what satisfies our souls. A jam packed calendar of events, a good standing with the Honor Roll, or doing our best to "save the world" or our community may have a role in developing character of course, but is it the ultimate goal.

"Self will never be able to satisfy a heart made for God."-Piper

Our culture spends a lot of energy asking this question...
What do you want your child to DO?
 I mean, even before a couple starts dreaming about having babies they have to think through the logistics of preschool. Not long after the baby is born they are weighing in the options for public, private, or home education.
 Next up to bat is the topic of athletics, travel teams, private lessons and on and on we struggle to find the balance in order to guarantee that our kids will succeed.
 The "doing" or accomplishments can easily take over the purpose of life.
I'm not saying don't have a plan.  I'm suggesting that the "plan" can take over.
These are great conversations to have and they need to happen but in our dreaming as parents we should be asking a more lasting question.
Who do I want my child to BE?
 I know it sounds super crazy... but character wins over accomplishments in the long haul.

If eternity is in view as we raise our families then we can say no to chasing fluffy schedules and fancy awards.

Our kids can receive all the accolades one could earn and..... imagine this....FAIL miserably in college, jobs, marriage, family, and relationships.
What we want our kids to DO and who we want them to BE can go together.
The hard truth is that they are usually heavily out of balance leaving families feeling robbed of their time together and emptied of anything that may matter in light of eternity.

Who do you want your child to BE?