wide eyed & expectant

Don't you just sleep better when its cold?
 You know, those cool mornings where you cant leave the covers and wish you had a coffee delivery system in place from kitchen to bedroom? 

Yesterday I asked Kris to pull out the little box of fall decorations. 
He brought down the worn out cardboard box and set it on the counter asking, "Is this it?".
That was it. 
Just one little box with six items filling it.
Just enough for the inside of our home 
to agree with what is going on outside.
I do realize that we are at the end of October...but fall has just arrived in Tennessee 
and so I feel just on time.
The entrance of seasons bring the coming of bright leaves and the dusting of frost.
 I happily welcome that chill in the air and the steam that rises off the little lake behind our home.
Every. Single. Year. 
My eyes are widened by the newness of the change. 
I am an absolute sucker for a good cup of coffee, a warm sweater, a pair of boots, 
and the flicker of candles. 
I wonder if God in all His creative glory
 knew that our hearts would flutter at the sights of fall. 
I wonder if He knew we wouldn't pay attention to the relationship between His promises in scripture and the consistency in creation?
 He obviously set those stars, each mountain, 
and the patterns of the seasons in place hoping we would see them and give thanks to Him.  
As our hearts expand and prepare for the gifts of Thanksgiving and move into the hope of Christmas, maybe we can prepare the inside of our souls to reflect hope to an outside world. 
His creative power points us to a loving, detailed God who desires that our lives celebrate and worship Him. 
I am looking forward to writing my way through these months expectant of all He will show us. 
I have this quote by Ann Voskamp on my mirror...
"I pay tribute to God by paying attention."  
Will you join me with wide eyes and an expectant heart?