mileage & baggage

It didn't matter that we were driving down a road with oncoming traffic and cars behind ours.
My husband has an awareness with the mileage count on our van
 and this was a photographic moment.

 Do you have someone in your life that notices when the mileage its about to roll over?
Do they pause to document the count and pat the dash board like it was a good faithful friend?
That was the Howells last week. 
"Guys, we are a bout to hit 150,000 miles." 
He slowed down so it wouldn't roll past in order for me to snap a pic.
 I mean I love our mini van. I appreciate the places we have been together
 Mileage matters.
 It gets us where we want to be.       
On each of our journeys to get somewhere, our van was also loaded down with baggage. Suitcases crammed in the back to fit like a puzzle. The backpacks of four kids tuck in between long legs.
 Art supplies that start out in nice packaging are soon littered all over the van floor like confetti.
The well thought out snacks are no longer in the designated containers and
there is enough wrappers scattered about
 to start a healthy sized bonfire.
When I think back over the life of our family, we have put some major mileage in together.
 We have traveled down the roads of disappointment and fear of the unknown.

"The revelation of God is whole and pulls our lives together. 
The signposts of God are clear and point out the right road."
Psalm 19:7 MSG

We have also found crazy amounts of joy in building community in a few states.
We have witnessed creation at its finest but there is no measure you can put on time together and growing relationships. They by far have been the beauty along our journey.

"The life-maps of God are right, showing the way to joy. 
The directions of God are plain and easy on the eyes." 
Psalm 19:8 MSG
We have hit pot holes and suffered had flat tires. In those moments we couldn't see how the set backs would eventually become a memory and give us hope for what was ahead.
You see, as we travel this life together, we add mileage
 and those miles build confidence in our faithful God. 
Usually, with mileage we have baggage.
 Its just part of travel.
We just can not continue to carry, cram, make room for heaps of unnecessary items
 that are not helping us get to that next place of seeing God.

 I think a few items of baggage can serve as a reminder
of the pot holes
 but their purpose is to document the moment...
not add extra weight.

We need people in our lives who will travel with us. 
We long for someone to take notice of the mileage and help us unload some baggage.
We are encouraged when can see the the beauty in the set backs
and keep our eyes up on the destination.