when anxiety rises

I was sitting with great company when a gal began to share how her anxiety level was rising. 

The other friends in the circle tried to assure her that "parenting" will do that to ya. 
She admitted that it wasn't just the parenting. 
Her heart seemed to be anxious about everything and anything.
Its always easy for us to share other peoples hurts but something renewing happens when we share what is deep down inside of us...not the needs of someone else.
It can be quite freeing. 

To actually speak the truth of 
who we are, where we are, how we are 
has a way of lowering our anxiety and brings clarity to 
who is over us and in us. 
A beautiful thing happens when we can embrace each others sufferings.
 Bottled up fear of the unknown can eat us from the inside out. 
Worry consumes us leaving us empty and dried up. 
For some, just getting those stressful areas out into the light
 really can help them take a deeper breath.
I've had moments come and go where the anxiety seemed to rise
 causing my throat to tighten up. Anyone else?
 Its not that I didn't trust God overall...I for absolutely sure did. 
It was more that I wasn't trusting 
Him in that exact moment. 
A thought gave way to a fear which opened the gate for worry 
who took captive the beating of my heart.

Trusting God in the moment
leads to trusting God over time
bringing us to a learned sense of peace.
I have to be reminded to practice the presence of peace. 
I can't trust the worry away but I can trust Jesus with the things I worry for.
In those moments that I forget to take deep breaths I can breath. 
Over time I can count back of how Jesus walked closely in the past
 and has more than proven his faithfulness over time. 
Its the history of trusting that teaches me to let peace reign in my heart.
Mrs. Tina is woman who faithfully mentors our youth girls. 
For years she has been teaching Middle and High school gals
 to pray Aaron's Blessing from Numbers 6:24. 
They close their time together hands crossed over and locking. 
They speak these words to each other...
"The Lord bless you and keep you; 
the Lord make his face to shine upon you 
and be gracious to you; 
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you
 and give you peace."

When worry floods us, when fear derails us, let us speak peace in the moment. 
May the moments add up over time and calm our hearts.