{countdown to thanks} join us

November 1st. 
This is the month we either fret the coming of the holidays or embrace them.
The mental list making has begun. Swirling ideas of creativity and plans to "get things done" have a way of adding stress...I mean excitement to the counting down till Christmas. 
Each passing year I move farther away from the holiday hype 
and draw in close to what actually makes November and December celebrating months. 
If we boil down the next 8 weeks, what do you hope to accomplish? 
Is it meaningful or stressful? 
Each week in November we will do a "countdown to thanks" at The Nighthowells. 
The desire of my heart is to be able to look back at November
 in preparation for Thanksgiving and see evidence that we really did give thanks.
We hope you can stop by and join in as we share tangible and memorable ways to remember.
When we focus on the blessings both tiny and tall our joy increases and our hearts expand.
Maybe we can release the pressure of expectation on both ourselves and others.. 
Instead, we will be expectant of how God will deepen our appreciation for gifts that can not be purchased. For all things non - Pinterest. 
In looking for all the ways our creator God chooses to give to us...
 we say "thanks" with words and action. 
May this November be not as much about 
how over-the-top we went
 but more about the simplicity of giving.
Blessings friends as we countdown!