{countdown to thanks} who are your people?

I am a lover of countdowns. 

They help me hold onto moments.
 The celebrating of a day helps me live out the
seconds, minutes, and hours 
with stronger conviction. 
As we anticipate the arrival of Thanksgiving, 
we will do so with purpose and passion. 
We know from scripture that relationships are important. 
How we love people matters. 
 Our example in Jesus teaches us to extend grace upon grace.
"Be kind to one another, tender hearted, 
forgiving each other, as God in Christ forgave you."
 Ephesians 4:32 
Relationships can be tricky can't they?
 I have yet to meet a soul who wasn't hurt by another.

 Even our tightest bonds give way to disappointments.
Even when there is a history of trust, betrayal can sneak in. 

While we want the very best for our people we are capable of envy.
"Envy is resenting Gods goodness
 in another persons life 
and ignoring His goodness in mine."
This weeks challenge is to show thanks for our relationships,
the people placed in our paths.
Lets not hold back. 
1. Search out 1 person who you need to clear things up with. 
Forgive or ask for forgiveness. Give thanks!
2. Ask God to show you  2 people you may be envious of,
 genuinely thank Him for their blessings. 
And for your own!
3. Speak words of appreciation and thanks to 3 friends
 who are constantly there for you. 
4. Write down the names of people who mentor and guide you. 
Call and thank em for caring. 
 Is there a way we can reach deeper than the everyday conversations this week?
Maybe we can make way for the vulnerable
 and sometimes hard to speak words.
Those closest to us, 
often get the worst of us.
When everyone else gets our firsts...
they wait in line only to receive the last.
Maybe you are fantastic at loving people.
You just may have an easy time expressing thanks
to those you care about. If so this will be easy peasy! 
Or maybe you aren't great with getting all relational.
 Step out this week and extend the gifts of thanks.
 Pass out handfuls of grace to others!
 A "no strings attached" kind of grace. 
Post comments and share 
your thanks for relationship stories.
  Instagram pics of people you are thankful for at #CountdownToThanks.
Doing relationships on purpose shows our gratitude
 to the One who fills our days with each other.