{countdown to thanks} too much stuff

 Is it me, or is Thanksgiving disappearing? 

The coming to America, the Indians, the faith,
the peaceful meal they shared?

The simple giving thanks to God
 for provision, 
for relationships,
 for protection.
 Thanksgiving must be a thing of the past
 because my mailbox is already full of Christmas 
wish list adds and toy catalogs.
I mean, it makes sense if you are trying
 to make money to start as early as possible.
Oh, wait...did I just suggest that the purpose
 of Christmas was to make money?
That would mean that our population of people
 celebrated more by spending money than by...
The stuff overload is already in full speed.
Its great fun to receive gifts, 
to be thought of, 
to share with others.
I'm not one to turn away gifts...
But obsessing over them is not healthy either.
In the "wishing" for more stuff we easily forget what we have.
In comparison to what is available 
this year, our stuff is just not...
 new enough, 
latest enough,
 expensive enough,
 flashy enough, 
its not what everyone else has
 and what I have is not it any longer.
If we are counting down to thanks, 
we can not leave out
 the simplicity of provision.
We have roofs. 
Ya'll, we ALL have roofs.
We eat meals. 
Not just food, but ridiculous amounts of food.
We wont hunger.
Our water faucets run clean.
We don't thirst.
The rooms in our home are warm.
We sleep in the comfort of beds covered with blankets
and piles of pillows.
We don't have enough hangers 
for the clothes that fill our closets.
Some of us have to clean out closets 
just to get ready for MORE new clothes.
Before we start peering through the advertisements for more stuff
evaluate what you already have.
This may be the year where you 
put on the brakes with stuff overload.
This may be the year where your current provision
of food, shelter, water, and clothing cause great thanks.
You just may feel like the celebrating is in the stuff you have, 
not in the stuff you think you need.
Take a deep breath and find some simplicity in being thankful.
The freedom that comes with letting go of "enough" will
allow your focus on what matters to really matter.
Before Thanksgiving Day...
Clean out, donate, be thankful
 for more than enough stuff.

Let what you have already... be too much.

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