dear december...

Dear December,

Quick before the days fill up,
 the weeks are packed and the lists get long...
I thought we should have a chat. 
There are a lot of things
 I am very much looking forward too 
now that you have arrived!
The cards and greetings are being written 
and sent both near and far.
Each one a reminder of how God
 has stepped in
 and given us a 
community of loved ones
 all over the place.
sometimes in the hustle of busy
 you make us uptight with people.
I will choose to see 
the beauty in the busy of people.
I will take full responsibility in the lists that I have made 
and the hopes to accomplish much. 
I love you and all your festiveness but
you will not steal my JOY!
This is a season to celebrate GOD WITH US.
Even though we have tendencies 
to walk around WITHOUT HIM.
The calendar is already full. 
Each day with its events like
basketball games, 
chilly nights,
and it is all so exciting.
December,  I am so sorry... 
but this month just can not be about you.
I mean, it may feel like the celebrating
 all over the planet is because of 
But let me gently remind you
 that people throughout the earth
do not 
shout for JOY 
because of a SEASON.
They are celebrating a SON.
Like most of us, you also like to be the center of the world.
I want to give you the benefit of the doubt December.
Its quite possible that you haven't heard!
Its very much a reality that you don't know the news.
Maybe you aren't aware 
of the shepherd keeping watch in the night,
or the angel that spoke.
The brilliance of the star
 and the night when hungry and holy 
made His appearance 
may be a story you've heard
off in the distance.
you may have heard 
of the hope of 
the baby Savior Jesus.
But the story
 has not become real to you.
You might be waiting for someone 
to share their own story
of just how this manger scene
 has shined a light on eternity for them.
Of how the purpose of living this life 
is to bring glory to the ONE who came
for all mankind.
Please accept my apology December. 
Sometimes us who believe in the 
SON of GOD coming
to rescue and restore our lives..
keep it to ourselves.
We can just as easily make it about us.
December, you see all the celebrating 
that takes place during your month is a big deal.
The extraordinary SON of GOD 
wrapped himself in skin 
and came to an ordinary people.
I welcome you December!
We have mapped out the weeks to come together.
I hope you will grab a blanket
 and cozy up on the couch. 
Make yourself at home so the days
 stretch out and time doesn't get away.
Lets chase the end of each day December.
You are invited to 
listen in to the stories 
that will be shared at the events you
have penciled in for me.
May you see, hear, and believe 
in Gods great triumph over evil. 
The stories have transformed lives
and saved us from sin December.
Speaking of events, I need to get going. 
My kids are waiting for help with school work. 
Its time to pull out the Christmas crafts
 and I have a party to plan. 
Thankful you are here. Lets do this!
Love, Jenny

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