{christmas wish} 5 things your kids dont need

When I was a little girl, I loved to sit with my sister Amanda

 and peer through the JcPennys catalog.

We would circle things we loved.
We wrote our initials by the those things 
to make sure our parents got it right.

We grew up in a simple family. 
Boy am I thankful for that.
We didn't have extensive toys, but we had toys.
We may not have been given the latest gadgets, but we had some.

It wasn't till I was grown and returned to our old neighborhood
that I realized that we lived in a mobile home park.
I love that it didn't matter the size of our home.
We had a home. We loved it.

Now that I am an adult raising 
up a family of my own
I see the value in keeping life simple.

Yall, sometimes we need to step back and take in some perspective.
Our kids do not need all that crap  stuff to be happy or feel loved.

Gifts won't bring lasting happiness.
Feeling loved has nothing to do with being spoiled
but everything to do having security.

Here they are.
5 things your kids don't need.

They don't need...

1. everything on their list.
Its wonderful that you have the resources to be so generous.
By all means be a blessing! But your kids will not be better with more stuff.
They may be worse off.

2. christmas to be about them.
Step out of your yard, or hood, or city and reach out to someone else!
The stuff they open under the tree
wont compare to the memories you make
 when you see the needs of others.

3. you to try and make up for your past Christmas'.
Maybe you grew up with nothing, or close to it.
The temptation to overdue it
is real because you just
want them to have what you didn't.
Tell them stories of the reality of your childhood.
That is a gift they can take with them.

4. to keep up with the Jones or Smiths or Browns.
We don't mean to do it...but we do!
We try to give them the latest and greatest
 so they will have a fighting chance
to be "in" and feel "acceptance".
We say things like. "everyone will have ____ but him/her".
If you care more about them looking good than they do...we have a problem!

5. the wonder of Christmas to be replaced with stress.
We all have a zillion events this month.
Our kids have plays, games, concerts.
Create nights to completely chill at home.
Trying saying NO!
Without giving a reason...
Our kids don't need to stay extra busy to enjoy Christmas.

I've yet to meet a family who has given their kids everything...
who makes Christmas all about them...
that tries to make up for their past..
who keeps up with all the Jones kind of families...
that stresses out every day of December...
who found themselves at a place of
feeling some peace, 
taking in Jesus, 
and savoring moments together.

Sometimes there is fear in making changes to what has always been done.
Its not too late to check the pulse of Christmas in your own home.