{christmas wish} guilt free ice storm

Just in time for a break in the chaos

is the coming of an ice storm.

My heart leaps and beats for a nice
drastic change in the weather.

Tonight I am anticipating the coming of cold and white.
There is something freeing about being forced to 
stay home and.... (insert whatever you want).

Stores have been gutted out with 
bread, sugar, milk, chips, and eggs being the 
first staples to empty the shelves.
We have to stock up to survive being at home!

My list had nothing to do with survival
and everything to do with 
homemade hot chocolate
 (family favorite)
cookie ingredients
 (to dip in the survival gallon of milk)
bacon for breakfast 
(to be fried up with the coveted storm dozen of eggs)
and fixings for crock pot white chicken chili
 (to serve up after snow and ice play).

Lets keep it real people.
If the weather gives us permission 
to be at home guilt free...
make it count. 
Even an un rushed bowl of cereal 
and a mug of hot coffee
without a time crunch can be glorious.

I. Stay. Home. Everyday.
But don't you worry, the joy of a winter day off
still has the ability to turn this Mom of 4 into a 
girl at heart.

 Its how you look at a day that
makes it different than yesterday.
You get to create the environment.
God gives us grace to start over.

Need some ice storm inspiration?

Scatter about white printer paper and scissors
and go snowflake crazy!

Pull out your snow pants...I mean
layer sweats on top of PJ pants and 
put on your snow boots...I mean rain boots
and get outside southern friends.
It only happens a couple times a year.
Don't miss it. Your kids won't forget it.

Come in for hot chocolate or cider or coffee.
It makes toughing the freezing worth it.

Let the kids go back out.
They won't get sick from cold air.
Let them play till noses and cheeks are red
and gloves are frozen.

If they find an icicle hanging off a branch or the house...
let them eat it.
Most likely it will not put them in the ER.
Its frozen rain! 

If you have to be home,
I hope you will 
see it as a gift.
 The job,
 the school,
the emails,
 the office, 
the housework...
it can all just hang on. 

This winter day will only be here this day,
Will you enjoy the wonder of your kids excitement?
Even if you are a hater of cold and frozen,
make time stand still as you step into 
the day and see Gods gift of slowing down
as a gift.

Don't fill it with guilt.
Fill it with better than yesterday.