{christmas wish} if you like it...for Allie Rae

Yesterday morning Kris and I drove north

to attend the funeral of one of our families Grandaddy.
Sitting in the back of the chapel thinking of how final death feels
I couldn't help but notice the tears
streaming down the faces of elderly strong men.
 It was sad to see them grieving the loss
of such a legacy.

Allie Rae's Granddaddy played ball.
He was in the dugout when his son played.
His son is now in the dugout watching her play.
Generations of support and love
have trickled down to her because of him.

I hugged her tightly.
Broken hearted that it was her 
Granddaddy's time to go, 
I said to her, 
"I know he had
a sparkle in his eye for you."
She looked up from her tears and 
smiled shaking her head yes.
She got to watch him live out his faith.

A gift that he could have never wrapped 
and put under her tree.
Doesn't saying earthly goodbyes 
put life into a healthy perspective.
Hearing the words spoken
 by this mans wife and kids caused me
to immediately zoom into
 the past of our own marriage and parenting.
I loved a quote the wife of 50 years shared about her husband. 
She said,
Whenever I wanted something I would tell him....

"Honey I really like this".

He would say back to me...

"Well if you like it then I'll love it".
They had just celebrated 50 years of marriage.
Sounded like this man knew how to serve his bride.
I begin asking questions that 
we all ask in
 situations like yesterday...

What matters?
What needs to go?
What do we need more of?
How can we live our legacy more for
Christ with less crowding in of what isn't lasting?
We sat there in silence as 
several of his favorite songs played. 
What mattered yesterday was that
the gift of Gods grace given to this 72 year old man
when he was 16... changed him and changed his forever.
As we creep up to to Christmas
ask yourself those questions.
They may awaken a fresh glimpse of eternity.