{christmas wish} when santa loses his spice

She paused and in deep thought asked, 

"So Mamma... is Santa real or not?" 
We've never done Santa at the Howells. 
Like not once, but she was making sure. 
The thought of a strange man coming into our home (breaking in)
 and leaving gifts that he secretly knows she wants (sketchy)
 was not sounding like a great idea.
Whether Santa is in the center,
 on the sidelines, or not even a part of your Christmas 
the celebration becomes what you focus on most. 

I know you can honor Jesus
 and write "from Santa" on gifts
 still making Christmas about the Silent Night. 
But it seems like we celebrate two guys
and not the One.

Do we really need Santa to create
wonder and mystery on Christmas?

When I am asked why we don't do Santa
 my answer is always that
 we have more important people to celebrate.
Rick Warren explains it well.

"Do you see what Christmas is? 
Christmas really is the celebration of an invasion.
Its a close encounter of the God kind."
It may seem silly and over the top 
but I'm not willing to share...
the witnessed and prophesied birth of Jesus, 
who came down from heaven miraculously, 
born to a virgin woman, 
with news of His arrival proclaimed 
by a host of angels 
with a dude who breaks in for milk and cookies.
He continues...

"The birth of Jesus splits history
 into A.D. and B.C. 
Whether you're a believer or not, 
you're using Jesus Christ 
as a reference point
 every single day of your life."
So today we are 2013 years 
from the time God sent His Son
 to live and die on our earth.
That people is why we celebrate Christmas.
When we tell our kids
 Santa is real, 
he is everywhere, 
he watches you, 
 he knows when you are ugly or nice,
 and he brings you gifts...
only to be rudely awakened to the truth
 that it's all a hoax ( probably by our kids).
This can be oh so confusing.

All of the sudden Santa has lost his spice
 and the season just isn't magical any longer.
As if believing in Santa 
was what made Christmas special.
Keep Santa if you love him. 

Just don't let your song for him
 ring louder than the angles singing 
 Helping your family discover the mystery 
and wonder of everything that was promised
 in the Old Testament coming to pass
in the New Testament is beautiful wonder.
The kind that has not lost its spice in thousands of years.