when drama strikes at christmas

Its usually in the hard
moments that we become desperate for hope.
Those days when life is not
going as planned are the ones
where we are left to search for the
good in the midst of the ugly.
God has a way of bringing us
to our knees the second we ask
For me, its usually not until I ask "why" that I am brought to humility and He quickly answers.
Sometimes we are a little slow.
We use up our own strength before we call on His.
Have you ever been there? 
Maybe for you...
A sickness strikes.
The kids are injured.
Bills are overdue.
The house is a wreck.
Friends are hurting.
Car is broken down.
Marriage is struggling.
We have all asked "why" at some point.
This morning I tried my best
to get up and get ready for church.
Christmas Sunday of all weeks.
I was supposed to sing with friends...
something I did not want to miss.
Overwhelmed and upset 
the reality hit me
about the pain I was feeling  in my back.
A few years ago I went through
 surgery for a ruptured disk that involved
a spinal leak and 2 blood patch repairs (look that up).
Fear has settled in my heart that
I am on track for a repeat performance
and I definitely asked "why" this morning.
It is of all weeks, Christmas...
There is shopping to finish.
Nana arrives in two days.
Memories are waiting to happen.
We leave in a week to take students
on a ski trip. The surgery was hard on my family.

Its just not as I planned.
I stayed home this morning
after trying to get myself dressed
that led to tears.
My daughter was my nurse
and we prayed together,
"Jesus, its Christmas. 
We've been waiting to celebrate you. 
We know this pain is not a surprise to you. 
Help me to see you in this...
Its your week anyway, not mine.
I trust you. I can take the pain because you
have me right where you want me...needing you."
Then I realized that is the whole purpose of his coming
and the reason for our celebration.
The light has come...
to bring healing, 
to be our Savior,
 to help us, 
to come and teach,
 to forgive our sin,
to comfort,
to make new,
to renew,
to convict us,
and ultimately show us the love of God.
God knew that His people
would need to identify
with their Savior.
Sending Jesus to us in the flesh
was the perfect gift.
 What a grand way to 
prove His unbelievable love  for me and for you.
When drama begins to unfold and
the week just isn't what you hoped for...
how will you respond?