6 Stop and Start Habits for 2014

Its always healthy to look back

over the past and rearrange things isn't it?
Sometimes wrong thinking gets
the best of us.
Sometimes we forget God 
designed us for a specific purpose.
Along the months we
allow that purpose to get tangled
up with what others think we should pursue.
We invite discouragement by our own lack of hope.
When the days drag on...
its easiest to stop fighting
for joy
for truth
for growth
and part of us curls up in the corner
and falls into a deep slumber.
Have you ever felt like you are not
living in the freedom of who YOU are?
There are many things I've  learned, read, heard
this past year that have helped to awaken 
me to joy, truth, and growth of who I am.
There are things I need to stop immediately.
There are things I must start today.
1. Stop wishing for the calling of someone else. (Holly Furtick)
"Start becoming aware of your circle of influence and get busy
being you in
your city, with your people, in your family."
2. Stop treating God's calling on your life like a moving target.
"When I ________ (have a baby, better marriage, different job)
then I will be able to live in my calling."
Start waking up to this day.
3. Stop comparing yourself to others. (Jenni Catron)
"When you do, you stop living
 in the significance of your space, your ministry.
Start doing the creative best you can with your own people."
4. Stop wasting time with your kids. (Reggie Joiner)
Start counting the time you have left.
"If you count the days or weeks you have left with your kids
you stand a better chance of making them count."
5. Stop shutting down conversations with your family.
Start valuing wait time.
Start welcoming interruptions
Start staying fascinated.
6. Stop expecting perfection in marriage. (Trisha Davis)
Start walking in grace and giving each other the benefit of the doubt.
Start making sure your marriage gets as many wins as your ministry or your job.
What will you stop and start this year?