{AWAKE} when we fail at resolutions

I've was teased in Elementary School for my thick, heavy glasses. The kind that made you sick to look at. The kind where the style looked like they were upside down.

In High School my A.P. U.S History teacher said my eyes were so huge... I had the eyes of a Halibut (google that).

In college we worked at a factory and an employee friend said, "Girl, those glasses are so thick... don't you dare look at the sun and burn us all up!" Of course hysterical laughter erupted from everyone but me.

Blind and big they may be but this year I am putting them to good use.

I've never been good at resolutions. New Years Eve is the day for drawing up plans.

Lists of goals are written.
Some attainable, others only a dream.
If you have good intentions  but bad follow through... chances are your list  looks the same every year.

This year as I've heard many words that need to be in my life... I am picking ONE. ONE WORD that will guide me in the way I spend my moments this year.

A word that is not schedule at the gym or a number on the scale or even a set time of day to be still.

All those goals being important to our health and availability to others can also set us up for failure because... we struggle at perfection.

With that perfection struggle comes  a heavy wave of guilt that gets us absolutely nowhere.

Its impossible not to give in just once to that chocolate, to skipping the workout, to putting off relationships.

My word for the year is AWAKE.

It covers all the hopes I have for the next 12 months and it is not a goal, rather a way of living.

 God is asking me to wake up to  His purpose in my life. His written word to me, and His joy that reaches the people in my circle of influence.

Awake and be ready for Jesus. "Stay awake - for you do not know  when the master of the house will come.." Mark 13:35

Awake to hear God's truth reveled. "I rise before dawn and cry for help;  I hope in your words. My eyes are awake before  the watches of the night,  that I may meditate on your promise." Psalm 119:147

Awake to others around me. "For anything that becomes visible is light.  Therefore it says,  "Awake, O sleeper and  arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." Ephesians 5:14

Lists of goals aside, what ONE WORD  would you chose this year that covers everything you hope to accomplish?