{3 steps to removing the SUPERMOM capes} becoming a MOMENTMOM

The supermom status.

Its an epidemic isn't it?
Moms are feeling the pressure to go and do
like never before. Its almost as if...
you aren't a good Mom  if you don't
have a packed schedule. If your sanity is about to burst.
The truth is...
our own kids don't
want us to be a Supermom.
Supermom means flying
 to and fro all over the map
trying to save the day. Or to be real...it means doing a bunch of activities that you don't want to be doing so that you appear to have it all together. In the meantime... life is falling apart.

Not that being motivated to go and do is a bad thing. It sure can become a Mom's identity if she isn't careful.

What they really want is for us to be a Momentmom.
Staying focused on the hearts at hand.
First step in removing the capes...

1. Remove the disengaged cape. Slow down. Take time to engage

in conversations. Even if they are about
the latest model of basketball shoes. Even if they call from
the top of the stairs for 30 minutes for us to come look
at the fort they made. Always when you need
to apologize for an angry moment. Being available to guide...
Especially when
they are broken, but even more when
they are beaming.

2. Remove the busy cape. Start saying NO.  Even the good things you are super at... aren't the best way to spend your family time.

As we strive for that status, we are finding
that in the effort and exhaustion,
we are losing the hearts of our kids.
3. Remove the false you cape. Some of our running and spinning is eaten up with trying to be someone we were completely not created to be. Social Media contributes to this cape. Insecurities do too. Imagine how creatively awesome our friendships would be if we all stopped trying to be the same person. Our gifts would balance each other out. Our weaknesses would find a way to come out. We would accomplish  our own assignments rather than chasing  the assignments of others.

I don't want the Supermom stressed out status.

I want to be a Momentmom.
What cape will you begin to remove?