{weekends awake} goodbye morning denial

Sometimes it takes time

to for us to hear God's best.
Often we hear but don't act.
I have been "hearing" God asking
me to switch my late night
quiet time to morning for the past 2 years...
but was not willing to act.
I loved to chase the end of the day.
Watching sunsets is my favorite...
 making the most of the final hours.
To rise and shine early
 meant I would get to 
chase the start of the day not
just the close.
"From the RISING 
of the sun to its SETTING,
the name of the Lord is to be praised!"
Psalm 113:3
There is a cost to all this chasing.
After all, waking up 2 hours before
the rest of my house meant
it would still be dark.
It meant that I would have too
go to bed before my people in order to
be AWAKE while they slept.
It all sounded so out of control!
Who does that on purpose
if they don't have to be somewhere
in the morning?
Staying up later than
the house meant
 all was calm and quiet.
No one needed me
and I could relax into the
 things I wanted to do
without interruption.
Well folks...
I would like y'all
to meet my newest friend.
I have not loved this friend
in the past the way I should
and have honestly been in
deep denial of the possibility
of us being close.
Over time God has been
pushing us closer together
but I keep my distance.
I have feared an unhealthy
connection and so
 I remained kind yet
I am writing to you this morning
sitting here with this friend.
Her name is AWAKE.
That word I chose for the new
The one that meant I needed
to rise from my slumber and wake up to
Gods purpose in my life,
His written word to me,
His joy that reaches the people
in my circle of influence!
I will never be that Proverbs 31 gal.
You know the one.
"She rises while it is yet night
 and provides food for her 
household and portions 
for her maidens." Proverbs 31:15
I can rise when it is yet night.
I cannot cook up a potluck at 4am
and have small group time
with my maidens.
This friendship is new.
It will have its valleys...
I promise.
AWAKE and I will have
some hard days and will
not be on the same page every day.
Have you every known in your
 heart that God was asking you
to make a change
but kept distance
 from all possibility
because you didn't
 want to lose the comfort
of your old ways?
It could be any change
in your life from exercise to eating healthy
to stepping out in relationships.
He remains patient with us
sometimes pushing us gently and
other times the push has to be brutal
in order for us to get the message.
It is a choice we have to make.
Will we rise (literally for me)
to the occasion and meet God where
He wants us?
Or will we miss out on the joy
set before us and remain stuck in our ways.
My prayer for you is that you will
chose to spend your weekend awake!