Those Come to Jesus Moments

It felt like a parenting fail.

We were not having the kind of day one enjoys
writing about.
After hours of trying to get to he bottom
of a situation I said to her,
"You know what is wrong with your heart?"
She looked at me and said the textbook answer
"My heart is ugly."
 I continued to give her my much stronger answer.
"You don't have Jesus and that is why
we aren't getting anywhere."
 With passion I vented.
"As long as you continue to do things your way,
you will choose sin and sin hurts you and
everyone around you."
1. A little girl trying to figure out the conflicts of obeying while
her Momma was pushing Jesus as a way to be done.
2. I heard my own self speaking words that were for me first.
"You aren't listening to Jesus in this situation...that is why
you aren't getting anywhere with her heart."
Some days don't go as textbook as we plan. Being in the thick of teaching obedience with
kids of any age gets messy.
We love to see them soaring and making right choices.
We love to see the "win" in their hearts and the attitudes that flow from it.
Other days feel like a train wreck.
pep talk,
heart to heart,
and giving of our souls
just isn't seeming to make a connection.
This process is brutal. Not because it is exhausting to go
day after day teaching the same truths so they can life a full life...
 but because that "come to Jesus" moment usually is not for our kids.
 That moment when we ask God to show our kids himself in
any situation....He brings the
into focus in our own hearts.
He asks us to offer grace to them just like He extends to us.
 Have you ever had that conversation with God before?
"Lord please help ________ realize their sin
and so they can have a clean heart before you
and function as a blessing in this family."
Only to have Jesus spin that question right around
so that the focus is you saying,
 "Jenny, you need to realize your sin so you can have a clean heart
before me and function as blessing to this family."
If we are open to parenting with grace and leading our kids
by example...then those "come to Jesus" moments
we often pray for require a reality check in our own hearts.
Thankfully God does this for us.
He redeems the moments that we mess up.
He gently opens our eyes so that we don't miss what he wants to accomplish in us.
 How willing are we to take the correction we give our  kids and apply it to our own life?