when we get stuck in a rut

Rising early this week

I have heard God speaking to my heart
about light.
Before my early wake up calls
began, I never saw the sunrise...
and I was perfectly fine with that.
I am changed.
Filled with morning purpose.
My kids are in pure shock because
honestly I cant remember the last time I was
awake before them.
I have been missing moments.
I now get to see them come
down the stairs
and curl up on the couch.
I get to witness their legs that grew longer
in the night.
I'm telling you,
 God renews our
hours and supplies us with
 a fresh glimpse of urgency.
I get to watch in awe that huge sun
make its way to the tree line
breaking the dawning of
a new day of purpose.
He reminded me that there is nothing
He is not sovereign over.
He suspends the entire globe
in the heavens.
So often we get stuck in
a rut with our thinking about God.
We push through the day
as if it is a burden to be alive
rather than a privilege.
His gaze is on creation.
He directs us to the work
he's prepared for us to do.
He tells us to get busy
living in the light.
He instructs us to
not hold back in the
 sharing the light.
He wakes us up
to what He is doing today.
He asks us to stop chasing
what we think we want.
He gives us the early morning reminder,
"For you were once darkness,
but now you are
 light in the Lord.
Live as children of light
for the fruit of
 the light consists in all
and truth... 
find out what pleases the Lord." 
Ephesians 5:8-10
Maybe God is gently nudging or loudly shouting
for you to step into the light.
To wake up to His purpose for you today.