{keeping their hearts} questions to connect with your kids

The table was littered with the belongings of all 6 of us. Dads computer. Zach's Geometry. Peyton's quarter collections. Keaton's art supplies. Molly's clothes. My dirty dishes.

The table seems to be Grand Central Station in our home. Its doesn't matter that we have a schoolroom upstairs to house the piles of books and papers. We all end up at the table together. A sweet but messy situation.

We regroup on several levels just like you do
I'm sure. In the busy of basketball
schedules and school assignments
the places in our home get a little
out of control.
Those wood floors that have accumulated
a nice thick layer of dust and dog hair
need rescuing.
The bathrooms are screaming for disinfectant.
The laundry has formed giant mountains.
The fun meals that were strategically planned out
all week have been cooked I have 5 people now
asking me whats for dinner.
It feels good
to give attention to our home.
It feels even better
 to give attention to the people
living in it.
The weekend is also a time
 for us to regroup with our
kids. To connect with each heart.
Maybe you have kids in your life
and it is a struggle to try and arrive
on the same page with them.
You want to know their hearts desire,
to understand how they feel,
but especially to make yourself available
to them for unloading conversation.
It can be so easy to go weeks without connecting
and those weeks start to feel like you've lost
a bit of their hearts.
The time can be redeemed and its never too late to
start talking to your kids!
 Especially those tween and teen aged ones.
They want to have your attention and
that is easy to grant!
"Is there anything you want 
to tell me that I don't know about?"
This is an easy question that invites
your kids to share something that may be hard 
to bring up on their own.
"Talk to me about how things 
went with your friends this week!"
I love this because it gives them
 permission to just
 talk and share stories.
 Sometimes hours worth of stories.
If we listen in, we can pick up things like
insecurities, excitement, and disappointment.
We cant allow the mountains of laundry
and layers of dog hair to keep us 
away from the hearts we are most
responsible for.
Jump in, tidy up, regroup, and make strides
in the relationships you have with your kids.
Start by giving them the gift of your time.
The gift of listening and availability
can make a big difference in the condition of
their hearts!