the best kind of interruption

I just settled down into my favorite work space.

It feels so crazy to be gone from this place
after a 9 week pause.
God has a sneaky way
of crafting His plan. He has kindly interrupted
the lives of the Howells with another baby bundle.
Just when I felt like I was rising early
to hear His voice.
 to receive His teaching,
 and correction...
He was waking my spirit
 and preparing me
to be surprised!

If you follow this blog, you know that

God drastically rearranged my habits and set a renewed passion for rising early to start my day. Much to my delight...
He was growing more than just my heart those
early mornings.
He was growing a tiny human being.
The desire of my heart to experience the joy
of one last baby was taken last Christmas.
As I worked through the grieving and
loss of hope, Jesus brought peace.
The journey is not always joy filled
but it is always for our best and His glory.
Easy to type, difficult to receive.
These words of Matt Redman speak to me in the great and in the hard days.

"In battle, in blessing
your love never fails us.
unending, unchanging
what could come against
your love for us?
You are good forever and your love endures...
Jesus always, your love remains...
You are good."
I went from having plans to
write and develop a ministry
that flowed from writing down my own days,
to having that desire removed completely
as my focus literally
 turned inward
to the life beating
 inside of this Momma.
I have been gloriously sick all day for
several weeks...and happy about it!
Exhaustion quickly set in and removed
my morning wake up calls.
Afternoon naps consumed what used
to be my quiet down time.
Pregnancy hormones set fire
to my laid back, easy going self!
Thankfully I am on the other side
of the first trimester craziness
and looking forward to being present
and not just surviving.
I love that God has
 chosen to grow our family.
I am in awe of how different
it is on so many levels (another blog post)
to experience pregnancy at nearly 40!
I have missed writing and sharing with ya'll.
It keeps me accountable
and reminds me of the
 blessings before
and behind me.
I am reminded that we live our lives
in seasons.
 The truth that our days
dont have to look the same
or even be incredibly awesome
to be living out God's will,
is healthy and freeing!
I'm sure you are in some kind of season.
One of great joy and celebration,
one of deep hurt and desperation,
or even one of feeling nothing at all.
Can you find Him faithful in your current season? Looking forward to being back at the Nighthowells with yall! Happy weekend.