{parenting wars} when failure and forgiveness meet

Yesterday was one of those

days in Motherhood.
You know the kind where you just struggle
to display a good attitude?
An inner war had
 taken up camp in my heart. 
Back and forth
I fought
with trying to
but couldn't resist going in for the
In one sentence I was correcting my
son for raising his voice at me.
I reminded him of the disrespect he was showing
even if he thought he was joking.
Can you relate? Please?
The battle continued hour by hour.
I so desperately wanted to teach him
a better way to communicate.
I knew what I needed to do,
but failed to let grace onto 
the scene.
Like any other parent,
I just didn't have the patience
or the self control in the heat
of the battle to calmly
share with my boy.
It didn't take long until my responses
to his behavior were much louder and
came accompanied by threats
of "no cookies"
or "miss the movie"!
My older ones
knew I was asking one thing
and living out another but
should they call me out,
they too would have to dodge
the cannons.
Do you ever do that?
Ask your child to lower his or her voice
while you are in fact raising yours?
That very situation
 got me thinking about
all the other times
throughout our days
 where we 
expect one thing 
yet good old fashioned pride
wins and do the
exact opposite. 
Days when you...
inform your son that
his complaining needs to stop
when you just finished a
 gripe session of your own?
tell your teenage daughter to get off her
phone while you are on yours?
request that a Grandparent not
feed your child something
that you know you've given them?
expect a friend to care about
you in a way you wouldn't?
Thankfully when pride enters the 
front lines...
we can raise 
the flag of humility
and call off the war.
The reality is,
we can fail in front of each other
and its better that way.
The result of that fail is,
determined by our willingness to
ask for forgiveness.
Both the fail and the forgiveness
grow us.
When we are willing to show humility
our kids see and learn a better way.
How often are our expectations
mandatory for them
but optional for us?