{growth} whose weeds are you pulling?

The arrival of spring has a way with me.

The green, the growth, the sneezes and coughs.
Each new rain reminding me of my own
willingness or stubbornness to be weeded and washed.
Often times we find ourselves
 consumed with the growth of others.
We may come a across a post of someone who
we immediately feel the need to judge and correct.
Lovingly of course because we love Jesus...
With their best in mind of course because we care.
 Our focus conveniently
turns outward rather than inward
where the real beauty change needs to happen.
Have you been there?
Maybe you have a list of people
who just aren't meeting your expectations.
We have spoken too soon,
and then hid under the carpet with the issue at hand.
Some days we allow a weed to grow taller
rather than pull it and make room for healthy growth.
Other days we say we are "planting" or "watering"
but really not leaving room for a God sized shower.
"You visit the earth and water it;
you greatly enrich it;
the river of God is full of water..."
Psalm 65:9
We just might find ourselves overly determined to pull the weeds from a friends life that
we abandon our own weed infested heart.
Oh the peace that would come
with frequent pruning and weeding.
 In our efforts to clean them up...
our own lives become infested with the weeds of
and that ugly word
Have you had a moment when
you tricked yourself into believing that you
had the remedy to remove the weeds of sin
in another?
"You water its furrows abundantly,
settling its ridges,
softening it with showers,
and blessing its growth."
Psalm 65:10
Obviously I've seen this in my own life
on many well meaning occasions!
When we fix our eyes on our own initiatives
we lose sight of His.
Jesus just may be leading that friend
who we so desperately want to prune.
They just may be walking close to the spirit.
Through our determination
 to be the game changer
 in the life of another,
we must stop ourselves and make
sure our motives are in
 grace and not of grumbling.
That we are rooted in forgiveness
and not in fear.
In our seeking to save
we seek to sacrifice our own plans.
As the showers wash over spring,
and we see the growth taking place...
It is my hope and maybe yours as well
that we tend to the weeds
in our own lives daily.
My friends, as long as the heart
of another isn't the first place we go
to begin spring cleaning,
we can walk 
in light of our own growth 
making it possible
to guide another by example
 in words and in actions.
As I look into my own backyard,
I see freshly laid mulch in the beds around
our pool deck.
Just a week old and there are already
 weeds pushing through.
A beautiful reminder that even
 a well groomed flower bed
can be quickly overtaken.
What weeds need to be pulled in your own life?
Whose weeds do you need to stop pulling up?