I'm back.

imageThe text from my husband last week that read, "would you like to be my lunch date?" received a reply faster than a middle schooler could pull off! I shot him a speedy "yes sir!" then found a sitter in 3 seconds flat. It was in that texting exchange that I realized...I. Am. Back. Not just back to quick texting, but back to having moments of freedom.

Moments.... not retreats or vacations...yet.

My brain is back. I was actually able to sit through the lunch date and  take in the ministry year calendar full of important dates and trips. My thought process is back enough to actually give input to that calendar! My heart is back to caring about what is going on outside of my baby schedule. Sleep deprivation is real. So is middle of the night hunger and dreaming of not being needed by anyone for just a few hours.

I mean, I did consume 2 sweat teas and 1 Dr. Pepper during that lunch date but I was all there y'all. All there.

I have made it to 10 months with our baby boy Tillerman and lived to write about it... so I'm back to blogging again too! What a year it has been. Massive changes in our family life, marriage, and my own schedule have completely grown our entire family.

The stories, lessons, fears and incredible joys from adding one last baby are worth sharing, I am super looking forward to sharing life here on the blog and hope that somehow you might find a bit of hope for whatever road you are walking!

I'll be here with my hot coffee (in the morning) or iced down in the afternoon (cause its ridiculously hot in Tennessee).

Make yourself at home,

The Nighthowells