About Those Nighthowells

Hello! So glad you stopped by the Nighthowells. IMG_9088-1

Hope you have a Coke or a cup of coffee and can stay a while! This blog is a bit like our home.

There are 7 of us, so you can imagine we have all kinds of crazy, loads of laughter and laundry. Within our walls we share plenty of hard days that keep us growing in our deep need for Jesus.We are nearing 20 years of marriage and definitely celebrate every single year that has challenged, grown, and sharpened our relationship.

These days I find myself in a season that I like to call "diapers & dating". The family roster includes 3 older sons 16,13,11, the one and only daughter 7, and our newest (not an accident and absolutely hoped for) 1-year-old baby boy. I love to write and share stories and lessons along the way. Maybe one will encourage your journey!

My heart beats for lots of things like:

Scenery. I'm desperate for all things outdoors and beautiful. Growing up in Alaska spoiled me and now I live mountain deprived in the mid south. Its painful y'all. I actually cry when I see hills!

Ministry. It has been our life committment to serve full-time since that wedding day. We dove into Bible College and never looked back. I get to stand in the trenches with my husband in Family and Student Min. Not perfect but exactly where we are supposed to be living. I love love love leading girls and helping them see their deep worth.

Parenting. I'm at a season where I don't exactly fit the "young mom" or "moms of young kids" groupies because I am ummmmm almost 40! But its a great place to be because I completely get the sacrifice and joys of saying "yes" to family. I enjoy listening and sharing our life stories of how we've made it through those long years of sleep deprivation (wait...I'm still there), teaching manners, Thomas the Train, faith training, and plenty of play dough messes.

The fleeting days and the years we have left with our kids keeps me dialed in to the hearts of my family first, ministry second.

So welcome from all the Nighthowells!