How to Say No to Normal {Why We Said Goodbye to Sports For a Year}

IMG_1469Sometimes we get brave and dare to step out of the hustle. It's really good for everyone when we answer the call to go against the grain. The norm feels so safe and under control but then we don't leave room for new adventures.

When the extra curricular life of our family lines up perfectly with everyone else, we easily find ourselves saying yes to way too much.

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It feels easier to not upset normal because there is acceptance, cheering, and support from everyone else all in the same boat.

Why on earth would a soul want to disrupt the steady stream of busy when it looks so....busy and important and necessary?

Can you imagine your kid not trying out for the team when they are in the starting lineup? What would happen to your daughter if she pulled out of competitive cheer after years of training?

Our families are flooded with high level pressure and are presented with opportunity to be the best of the best.

The drum beats loudly and the voices chant, "Dont waste your potential. Get noticed! Go to camps! Take out loans and for heavens sake say yes to every opportunity to play in tournaments."

Our family has athletic passion and ablility. We love to have a basketball going all the time. We play frisbee golf as often as possible. We hit tennis balls, swim, throw footballs, dive, roller blade, shoot soccer balls, bike and climb. We even have a little girl with great gymnastics potential.

Despite the love and the desire to pursue these abilities in school or team fashion, we did the unfathomable last year.

We stepped outside of the norm and said goodbye to...

- Stress and finding significance in performance.

- Measuring the degree of hustle and sacrificing family time.

- Traveling hours to play one game.

- Practice every day.

- Eating out all the time because we weren't home to actually cook dinner or eat it.

We dove into conversations with our boys about what we could do with that time and money...and then the best decision we ever made in the world of sports became a reality.

Dad presented an excellent idea that we hoped our boys would grab onto.

"Guys...what if we didnt play sports this year? Instead, we have some garage sales and save to buy mountain bikes and train together for an adventure.

No going to different practice gyms and traveling hours with different schedules for all three of you. I would come home from work and then we hit the trails close to home.

Together we could travel to some other great spots too. This summer...we go on an epic mountain biking roadtrip adventure to Utah."

They let go of what felt normal to experience a much bigger picture outside of the gym walls.

They said yes to trusting Dad and yes to together time. They trained, studied, and spent hours at the bike shop learning mountain bikes.

My favorite part of this whole experience was watching the planning. Christmas morning Dad gave them a book and together with that book, a host of websites and an atlas...they began to map out the two week journey.

Have you ever said no to normal and did something that went against the hustle of those around you?

There is freedom and fun waiting! A change of pace just might be around the corner.

It doesnt have to be a road trip across the country. It can be anything you've been longing to do with your kids if only you had more time.

Embrace the change, be confident that the future success of your precious children does not rest in the hands of athletic scholarships or even fame.

Its okay to invest more in who they are rather than what they do!

We will get back into the sports schedule, but a break was just what we needed.

Watching God open up the possibilities for our families to experience eye opening and heart shaping adventure is oh so refreshing!