Back to School Blessings {ideas for a prayer makeover}

IMG_4678 If you are anything like me, you have a long list of hopes for your kids. Your prayers are countless and the needs of each son or daughter are vastly different.

Our Mom dreams and often times fears, play into what we pray for our kids! Isnt it easy to make things about ourselves instead of really looking into the hearts of another? Hopefully I'm not alone here!

Do you ever find yourself doing that? Praying  things like "Jesus, you know the heart of _____. Can you please speak to him about his desire to own a motorcycle? It's not safe or responsible and I can't handle worrying about him. Thank you and Amen."

My prayers become about me and my worry instead of the things in the life of my son.

"For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." Isaiah 41

Or maybe you've prayed "the about to explode" prayer. "God I need you to calm my daughters spirit in this exact moment! You know she is choosing defiance. Her attitude is off the charts and she's driving me absolutely crazy! She is short fused, isn't showing respect, and the eye rolling has my blood pressure steadily rising! Please help her to see her disobedience quickly. My patience is draining and I am not enjoying her at all. Please JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!"

Instead of praying for the root of my daughters behavior, my praying becomes about my growing frustration and lack of ability to handle it.

I know it doesn't really matter how I pray because what is coming out of my mouth is flowing from my heart and God can make the necessary adjustments in whomever he chooses.

But honestly, I've been approaching talking to God about my family backwards.

I don't want to miss out on hearing from Him.

I want to be engaged with their hopes and fears but if I'm not seeking Him out about their stuff then I can't hear from Him or be helpful to them.

Its time for a makeover.

I would love to rearrange the way I pray for my 5 this year. Maybe you want to jump on board?

I'm choosing these 5 but yours can be completely different to fit the values of your family.

  1. Maturing Faith / Desire to expand knowledge and a growing passion for God's truth.
  2. Wise Relationships / Developing friendships that encourage and embrace accountability.
  3. School Studies / Display diligence with time management and put forth best ability.
  4. Daily Dreams / Looking ahead with great anticipation, hope, and purpose.
  5. Fighting Fears / Ability to hand over worry and overcome insecurity (see #1).

Maybe some of these areas resonate well with you. Maybe you want to add 5 more! Make your makeover about Gods individual call for your family and join me in beginning the year refreshed and holding onto truth!

P.S. We would love to hear what you are praying for your kids! Feel free comment and share.

Back to School Blessings over ya'll!