Why We Still Home School {our top 10 list}

IMG_0095 Home School has been a great fit for our family for 11 years. To celebrate our back to school week, here are some of the reasons why it works.

Clear Calling.  God called us to this back in my student teaching days.  It's not so much about what they might be missing...but more about who they are becoming, so we press on.

Pajama Uniforms. Why get dressed if you can stay comfy! Notice PJs are perk #2 directly under calling.

Family. We've been able to keep those 30+ hours a week to strengthen our relationships. I need breaks like every other Mom but the investment of time has paid off.

Location. Endless options keep learning fun! As long as work is getting done, then the back porch, couch, poolside, Eno, driveway, Starbucks, kitchen, Panera and occasionally desks are all perfect locations for learning.

Passions. Home School allows us to cater to the subjects our kids love most. We have time to dive into their curiosities and run like crazy for a year!

Flexibility. Dad has a conference? Lets go! Student trip? Lets go! Need to stay up late for events? Sleep in! Our full-time ministry life is more fun if our school schedule is ummm... not so scheduled.

Styles. Each of our kids learn differently and at varying paces. I have loved noticing first hand how they study and learn best.

Recess. It lasts for 3 hours instead of 30 minutes! Pick up games in the driveway, frisbee, mountain biking, skate boarding, swimming, and the pogo stick counts.

Responsibility. The earlier we teach it the stronger independent learners they become.

Time. It is running out. For our family, making the most out of our days means doing life together literally... including education.

If you are doing school at home I hope your year is full of lots of coffee, cozy PJ's and piles of books everywhere!

Everyday is not dreamy around here either. We have really awesome, creative days full of hard work and lots of play. We have really lame days where homework is not fun and I think that sending my kids off for the entire day sounds quite wonderful.

Often times my teacher inspiration is non-existent and I drink 4 cups of coffee before noon. Thankfully a Tutorial helps keep us on track twice a week and that makes a huge difference with the Middle and High School subjects.

Here's to our 11th year of crazy...I mean commitment and I wouldn't have it any other way!