The Truth About Our Summer {What Really Went Down on the Road Trips}

DSC_0679 Our summer travels took us to some absolutely stunning places. The guys roadtripped out west to go find mountains, bike the red rocks, climb the arches, and explore rivers. A month later we all headed up to the northeast to explore history in real time. We drove the coastline, caught ocean breeze, played at the foot of lighthouses and fell in love with Boston.

The stories are rich, and full of bright memories that only these trips could offer...However, the moments that shaped us most were the ones made in the homes of loved ones and around the dinner table.

The hotels, restaurants, shopping in Times Square, all added to the journey but there was more.

I remember standing in my kitchen with the boys, each one trying to get in a story about dinner with the Tracy's and feeling so at home in Arizona.


They went on and on about amazing coffee, conversations and laughter with the Disney's in Utah. They did not want to fact Jeff joined them on a hike a day later and another friend Robyn from Alaska even came over to catch up.


They felt so special staying in the beautiful home of Kris' Aunt Peg and Uncle Don who they had only heard about. Story telling and getting to know family was so fun for them.


Up north we stayed a few nights in the sweetest cottage of the Braggs. Piles of air mattresses littered the little living room with my people. We got to celebrate a 1st birthday there. My kids woke to the smell of pancakes and brewing coffee.


Ellen and Kyle opened their door for a night as we headed north. Late night chats, laughter, early morning donuts and coffee before they hit the highway were highlights.


Tillerman and I were welcomed into the home of the Whittaker's the night before our flight to NYC. A good nights rest and early morning drive to the airport brought comfort. These people constantly care like no one else I've ever met.


While in NYC we met in Central Park with Haley and Ryan, friends from home. They rode the Subway around the city and took us to a loud, tasty restaurant off the beaten path. We sat there for a couple of hours chatting life changes and catching up.


Each stop spoke volumes about the relevance of relationships that are unhurried and on purpose.

 My boys went mountain biking and saw epic National Geographic sights...yet the heart warming actually took place in homes along the way.


It was the comfort of conversation,

hospitality in that made up bed,

and the anticipation of a hot meal that made them feel loved.

This summer I saw a fresh glimpse of what really matters to my people.

Friends who cared, and loved on them were the real memory makers.

Even with incredible places to is still more about the people along the way.