Do You Have a Long List for Today? {10 Words God Gave Me Once I Stopped Listing and Started Listening.}

It had been a busy morning. Tillerman woke earlier than I love so I got a sleepy start. I kept looking for moments to pull away and sit outside for just 30 minutes. Trying to make time happen is always worse than waiting for it to come. I went out into our backyard to sit and clear my heart and in that first moment God said [just look up]. So I did... but for crying out loud I had stuff to work out real quick. I wanted to hurry and write some things down before I forgot so I ignored that call to win.

I started writing...then I looked up.  Even still I thought it was better to flip through my Bible to try and find a word to hold onto this week.

I felt the Spirit waiting... my husband likes to remind me that I am stubborn. Apparently my Daddy prepared him before we got married.

I finally turned off my phone, closed up camp and shut down my pile of stuff to get done. I gave into His call for my full attention.

The words I was scribbling down were not what He wanted me to focus on.

Instead these words came and ushered in peace and focus for the week ahead.

Lift your eyes. I'm waiting.

Come to me. I want to be with you.

Hear my plan. I'm excited for you.

Walk in my wisdom. I'm before you.

Listen to my lead. I love you.

Release control. I've got you.

Confess your sin. I'll restore you.

Breathe in life. I'll sustain you.

Obey my Spirit. I'll guide you.

Look for my hand. I'm in today.

Just like that...He rattled off those exact words in that order. I had no response other than "well thats exactly how to win today".

I closed my notebook and put down my pen when my son yelled out the back door that a friend had come to visit for a five minutes that turned into 45 (ministry minutes are in a different time zone right?).

Not only did He give me hope and focus, but he brought a dear one for me to continue hearing from Him. He's good.IMG_0209


What a mess we are! Resting in our own strength always goes down hill fast.

This week, take a moment with me and set aside all distractions.

Turn off noise and inner to-do's and just wait and listen. The Spirit is waiting, close, and ready to speak.