Making Room For Margin {Finding Space to Recharge}

DSC_0144Trying to manage a house of people can be tricky. Living a busy  life and leaving room for you is not easy. Making sure you don't lose who you are and what you love, takes skill. Living a full life requires margin. Some of us are great at making space. Some of us can not stop.



  • the amount of something included so as to be sure of success or safety.
  • the blank border on each side of the print on a page.


These definitions are so great!

Please include margin in my life so as to ensure the success and safety of myself and my people. Haha! Taking care of your own self means better care for those who need you most.

My extrovert self can no longer do a good job of being who my own family or others need me to be  24/7 without a little bit of recharge. Time to recharge is needed my friends.

I'm not talking a trip to the beach, although I might be talking about a trip to the mountains...but I would take either if offered.

I'll happily take a quiet spot in the house of even better in the corner of a coffee shop.

I love love love people! Be it listening, helping, sharing, or working out hard days, I am there.

Being there and doing well at being there are two different things!

I need blank space to breathe. It can be 30 min to 1 hour a day to just finish a thought without interruption or to fill my soul up with truth and a cup of coffee.

In my college and younger Mom days, I could go hard with no stops. Fast forward 13 years and I think my brain just can't handle spaceless living. I know that I get discouraged when I don't pull away for a bit.

I've learned that it is not selfish to want to rest. I am not less of a Friend, Mom or Wife for needing a break from people. I am just better with it.

There is much to be said about serving and loving big. There is also a point where service becomes identity and some can't live without being overly scheduled.

If you know someone who lives an overcrowded life, they are probably a ticking time bomb and you should steer clear!

Maybe its a job you are chasing, too many committees, or trying to be involved in too many situations.

Too much is too much.

Knowing your limits and protecting what you give, helps so much with more margin and less burnout.

I hope you can find a few minutes to be still and do something you love or nothing at all.

Here are a few ways I've made space:

  • I used to be really good about making sure I left the house for a couple of hours every Friday. My husband would stay with the kids and give Mom a break. This time included ordering lunch and not sharing it, reading, writing, sometimes meeting with a friend (this does not include grocery shopping).
  • Get the cleaning done while everyone is busy around the house (or have them do the cleaning) so that when rest time comes in the afternoon, you are free to chill.
  • Wake up an hour before the house stirs. I used to think people who did this were lunatics! Then I gave it a try. If early morning is the only space you can find then go to bed early and make a date with the sunrise.
  • Before I tried mornings, my old (and current) lifestyle included staying up late. Do whatever works in your stage of life, but do it.
  • Sometimes you just cant be alone. That is when you load up all your people in the van and put a movie on and drive around! No talking allowed.

Maybe your week can include a few more minutes for you to gather your heart in order to nurture the ones around you of you better.