12 Things I Learned This Past Year {How Being a Mom to 5 Kids Changed Me}

DSC_0079Its been a busy month having a brand new 16-year-old driver at the front of the family and a brand new 1-year-old  bringing up the rear!

So to give honor to the 12 months gone by and to celebrate what lies ahead here are 12 things I gained from living life right where God wanted me...





and thankful.

1. Gods plan is carefully thought out and not at all careless. He gives and takes away with great love for us and is sovereign over what we need to conform more and more to His image.

2. Each time a new child is added to the family, the dynamics shift. I was pleasantly surprised at how my seemingly disinterested and possibly fearful boys welcomed baby bro with such deep heartfelt love. I was broken over the way our daughter processed her own birth and birth mom while watching me cherish our new baby.

3. Having a baby later on in life with grown children in the home is AMAZING and way different from having a crowd of needy toddlers at your feet. I so enjoyed tucking away with the baby knowing they could feed themselves and survive without Momma.

4. Having a baby later on in life with grown children in the home is also HEAVY trying to make sure those growing hearts are kept up with and cared for.

5. Hormones are real ya'll. Every rollercoaster, heart tugging, teary day was a battle.  I have never before been so undone and all over the map. Even still in those days I felt the presence of Jesus and knew He was near keeping my soul.

6. The power that God gives to Mommas is unmistakably Him. The pull of a baby crying for comfort and how He connected me to that cry will always amaze me. Such powerful love, like He loves me - only oceans deeper.

7. When life as I knew it came to a complete halt, I got to re-organize my hopes and priorities. It was a good place to be... slowed down and taking in what matters most. Some see the first year as restricting, I saw it as rewarding.

8. I had moments of feeling not enough and incapable for the job of caring for 5 kids... exactly where God wanted me. I'm not all they need thank heavens! I learned to say "no" to trying to do too much.

9. It was nearly impossible to have a conversation with my husband. Someone was always waiting to be heard or needed to ask a question. Communication was weak to near absent at times... but we made it not because we are awesome but God held our worlds together.

10. I was reminded of the importance of saying "yes" to community. I am happy to announce that I never once turned down a meal, coffee drop off, or a hold the baby visitor. Who turns that stuff down?

11. I learned to dial in to the words my big kids spoke. This helped us stay connected. Not that they needed me as much I needed a piece of their hearts... but snatching up any conversation was important when I felt like I was missing out.

12. Cramming God into your cute life planner and telling Him how you want your weeks and months to look is probably not what He has in mind. I have loved seeing His faithfulness displayed in me, in us, for His glory even when I try to give Him suggestions.

Whatever journey He has you on He will see you through even if it's not visible quite yet.

I am thankful for all the ways I was weak so that He could show off His strength.

Now we are off and running...literally with the 5 small, medium, and large people God has placed in our home.

Heres to new seasons full of maturing and seeing the joy in whats around the corner.