Weekend Collective {Lets Talk Campfires and Flannel}

DSC_0473 We welcome the weekend with the first collective post... a collection of things for your weekend. We will be linking up with favorites in the areas of recipes, books, things to create, and anything else that speaks "weekend vibe" over here.

This weekend it's campfires and flannel and everything else Fall.

In the middle of the heated summer, our boys dug a campfire pit with dreams of crisp nights to come.

I am happy to announce that this weekend we will welcome COLD and that campfire will be crackling in the corner of our back yard!

Is it weird that my heart beats faster when I see that the 10 day forecast includes lows in the high 30's?

The Howells will be cheering for our favorite football player this weekend.

That #22 is so much fun to watch (when he scores touchdowns and takes guys out by the knees) but I do hold my breath a little waiting for him to get hurt.


I also am a huge fall fashion fan. I am not a super fashionista but girl I love me some flannel and jeans.

Fall is so simple

Jeans are easy. Skinny, bootleg, or ripped - it doesn't matter.

Flannel shirts from the closet of the guy (or sons) in your life or good old-fashioned thrift store works too.

Boots don't even have to match  the current trend. Isn't that refreshing! Just find some boots.

Heres to your weekend rest! Hope you can catch a break to enjoy the cool of the nights with a good book or maybe the warmth of a campfire.


These are some dreams for my weekend... 

Maybe y'all already love this blog but I just came across it! Love me some last min decorating and home ideas.



We threw this in the crock pot tonight and added more broth, white chili seasoning, and a can of cream of chicken soup, then smothered with cheese and sour cream.



Reading this. Kris got it for me for Christmas I think 2 years ago... I guess I've been kinda busy but what gal doesn't need encouragement on leading. So far its a great and quick read = mandatory.


Hoping to sew some pillow covers with some plaid flannel fabric table covers left over from Zach's 16th party. They will spice up  fall and winter just perfectly...if I can get the sewing machine running!



Kris is building me a desk for our bedroom kinda like this only paint will be a muted corally color. I tried having a desk in our schoolroom = fail.



Polishing up a talk I get to share with our Middle School students this week about problem solving. Great reminders for me always.



1 Peter 4:12-13The Message (MSG)

Glory Just Around the Corner 12-13 Friends, when life gets really difficult, don’t jump to the conclusion that God isn’t on the job. Instead, be glad that you are in the very thick of what Christ experienced. This is a spiritual refining process, with glory just around the corner.

Happy Weekending!