Weekend Collective {Lets Talk Molly's Adoption Day and Adventures With The Guys}

DSC_0738 A D O P T I O N

I was driving to Nashville yesterday when Zach asked me what the date was. I had no clue...October 15th? Folks, I'm behind on life but its okay.

He quickly corrected me that I was a week off and that the date was indeed October 22. I jumped in my seat as much as possible while passing crazy semi drivers.

"October 22! Today is Molly's adoption day!"

We were handed her on the 22nd. We flew home on the 23rd.

How perfect that we were on our way to spend the day with our friends who also adopted Molly's buddy from South Korea. Too much.

You see, it was on that date 7 years ago that we had the carrier placed on me and the final instructions from the translator were given to Kris about her formula, favorite blanket, and her current ear infections.


It was the date that we waved goodbye forever to a Foster Momma who loves harder than any soul I've met to date.

She waved with tears streaming down, shouting in Korean, "Her blankey...when she cries she wants her blankey!"

Goodness gracious It was an overwhelmingly emotional day.

This week we got to remember the heartbreak of her leaving such devotion but we also get to celebrate God's providence in bringing her into our family after years of praying and waiting. She is ours and we are hers. Forever.


Happy Adoption Day Molly Ra-Hui Howell.

We are better in this life because of the journey we said yes too, in order to bring you home.


The adventure hasn't stopped and this week the boys and I set out to find some trails and fields perfect for some pictures and laughs.


It had been two weeks of the older ones wanting me to go with them to some outdoor spots and I've just been so tired by the time dinner is fixed that I kept putting off our outing.

We walked a wooded trail making all kinds of un-peaceful noises (that was because we brought the youngest older with us) until we heard a deer running through the brush.


At that moment I yelled, "Guys! there is deer back here!"

To which they replied, "Yes Mother!  we are in the woods."

The deer stopped supper close and watched me freak out in silence. The boys laughed and made fun of my unprofessional outdoor etiquette.

Sometimes our yes is better later because we appreciate the actual moment more than if it would have been easy to begin with!

Carving out two hours with the three guys was the best thing I could have done for our relationship this week.


It wasn't sitting at the table helping with homework, or  cleaning the house together... although those all add up. This week being an adventurous Mom is what they needed...but I needed it more.

What does your weekend hold?

Maybe its rest and unplugged.

It could be long lists to accomplish.

Whatever you have before you, you can be sure that Jesus is near and ready to meet you either in the everyday average or amazing.

These are a few of our favorites this weekend.

I'm loving...  this new mug from my friend Heather. Aren't coffee and tea drinking friends the best?         


Advocating for... one of the three agencies we used to bring Molly home. We started with WACAP out of Seattle (loved them) but when we moved to Tennessee we had to transfer to Bethany (super helpful) and then ended up at  Holt in Seoul (such huge hearts) for the final leg.


My kids are loving... this company KE. They are encouraging  people to get out and explore using their adventure flags and other logo items with Social Media. Pretty cool.


We are cooking... this yummy chicken and mushroom pasta because we had it a couple of weeks ago and it is a new fav.


Happy Weekending Ya'll!