The Unpicked Up Wife

IMG_2099 I stumbled into the kitchen before sunrise this morning. I literally stumbled. Not only because I was still sleepy but because I tripped over  6 pairs of shoes.

I mean, there are a lot of people who wear shoes at our house but some of the ones I tripped over were my own. I know, can you believe it?

Momma leaving her stuff lying around happens and I am happy to let you in on my sometimes messy wife life.

I have always been a little unpicked up.

Even as a young girl, I didn't care if my room was complete chaos. I knew where everything was. I was living the back and forth life between my parents homes and continually had duffel bags of clothes everywhere.

My sister and I had quite the room organizational "style" that drove my parents crazy.

I have continued with that tradition and have been causing my husband much heart ache over my messy habits.

It could be worse, I know. An upside down closet isn't that huge of a tragedy but nevertheless the only moment it is orderly is when he goes in and picks it all up.

I love the main areas of our home to stay tidy, vacuumed, and even lit with the glow of candles. Keeping the floors swept, counters wiped down, windows washed, and decor cozy and fun.

Unfortunately, I don't care so much about the hidden spaces of our home.

Those closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets or pantry shelves can take a hike. They do not get my attention...ever.

If they can't be seen then why waste my time perfecting those environments?

Actually, I am still living out my teenage mantra of "No one sees it so don't clean it!".

I happened to marry Mr. Clean Machine which I appreciate very much. Especially that he does the entire laundry load for our household of 7 and is concerned with the inner details of our home.

He LOVES to organize the hidden places. His unsettled heart over the messy things behind closed doors used to drive me bonkers.

Mostly because I didn't want to feel like his sprints to tidy were reminders of how unpicked up our home was and how terrible I was at caring about them.

Do you have an organizer in your life? Maybe that's you!

This guy does not mess around.

I'm talking he  brings out the label machine and he sorts, empties, and guts out before putting anything back where it belongs. I completely value his determination to keep the behind the scene places livable, but truthfully... I don't care if they are a wreck!

 I've learned to not let his love for perfect storage  bother me. He cares about them and sees that work as necessary for a healthy home.

I like clean, but always clean stresses me out a little. Sometimes things just need to be lived in.

Everyday in my home I have a living image of what my heart looks like most days.

Tidy and together on the  outside and unpicked up and unorganized on the inside.

Are you with me? Our behind the scenes life is not as put together as the rooms others see.

I have learned to be okay with that in the passing years.

We are a work in progress.

Some of the rooms of our lives stay messy and will never remain in perfect living order. Other spaces are easier to tidy up and keep fresh.

Our homes are a lot like our hearts aren't they?

Deep down, we know the inside matters even though it can't be seen because those hidden places need our attention too.

They  can get over cluttered and before you know it that closet, junk drawer, or pantry is exploding with stuff that isn't helpful.

Jesus always has a way of bringing balance to the messy places of our lives, even if you are an unpicked up wife, he can use you and all your unorganized-ness.

Feeling thankful for all the ways Jesus enters in to clean and sort out my heart is a lot like finding value in my husbands desire to not live messy.

We have to be okay with Him coming in and tidying up a little bit because He wants our behind closed doors living to be clean too, not just our out in the open living.

Cheers to a new week and lots of living, making messes, and cleaning them up!