Today I am Forty and Feisty

IMG_6983 On the Eve of my 40th birthday I was sitting in the newborn nursery at our church rocking baby twin girls to sleep.

I was in great company with friends that I think would make the perfect reality T.V. series.

Suzie and Helen have wisdom on their side and have lived enough to finally have peace like a river. I always wondered what that song meant when I sang it in Awana as a little girl. They give me fresh perspective and insight to what matters and whats coming. I love that.

Honey is the momma of high school boys who reminisces about the days they were little while trying to make it through ACT test stress. She reminds me how thankful I am to still have little ones in our home.

Sweet Sydney is our resident college gal keeping us up to speed on her boyfriend, classes, and dreams. Each week I get glimpses into her life of taking steps of faith and waiting for what God might have planned out for her days ahead.

There is something perfect about being surrounded by multiple stages of life.

While our arms were full of babies, we were laughing about hot flashes and geometry text books being in the same room. I began to unfold how I wanted to live life in my 40's.

Helen spoke up, "Well Jen, lets hear what you've got in mind!"

So I began to share my new list for taking care of me, for  living lighter, deeper, and encouraged for all that is coming.

I will share my taking care of me list in another post, but for today... I want to give you my list that will be the difference maker in my forties.

  • I hope my life will look a little bit more fun and feisty mixed with sweet contentment in who I am as a daughter of Christ.
  • If I desire to live lighter,  I must say yes to unplanned, in the moment living. In the next 10 years, almost 4 of my kids will be out of my everyday life.
  • I must not camp out in the opinions of others and waste time in worry.
  • I can not cheat my family by thinking others need me more. Balance is the new hustle.
  • I want to give away the hope I have and love my people better than ever. This includes my husband of 20 years. Our story of love, grace, and hard work together has my heart forever.
  • If I feel God taking me deeper, then I  will be doing better at not just hearing His word, but letting it rule over my days.
  • If encouragement is going to define the kind of people I spend time with, then my focus of keeping up the good work will shift to holding on to the hope of heaven.

A soul soaked in truth is a soul that gives life. I want to be a deeper giver of life.

I'm finally at a place where eternity is on my mind and not just a verse in a song.

For the past few years I've also been realizing some minor things about myself that I would love to update. It's not a mid-life crisis at all. But I think God gets us to a place where we are done settling for minimal joy, impact, and going through the motions.

Forty is time to wake up to the rest of my life.

For years and years I've always put myself last when it comes to taking care of me. My husband takes great care of me and knows my needs but most moms don't want to be needy when there are kids to tend too!

I don't hunger for shopping sprees and blowing money that we don't have. But I am ready to care about me better. I can say that I have been working hard and I think God made 40's for catching up with all the crazy that is behind me.

So here's to the hustle in my past and refreshment and fun in my future.