Wanting What We Already Have {10 Days of Gratitude Challenge}

image It happens every single year. The first week of November moves in and out quickly and all of the sudden Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and Christmas music has entered the scene and I'm great with that!

I haven't joined in on any thankful posting challenges for years since I read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Keeping a list and taking notice of moments that make our hearts swell has a sure way of bringing joy and contentment to our days.

This year I was invited to join Inspired By Family to link up with a few bloggers and do a 10 day photo challenge. Y'all want to join in?

For me, the challenge will be focused on thanks for our basic needs and everyday normal that we often look over.


Its easy. You can step in no matter what day and no matter who you are or what you do. Your photo can be one from a ages ago or a few minutes ago and you can write a word or a sentence!







Single or Married

Lets do this.

I have listed 10 gratitude prompts that I will use and you can too unless you chose something different.

Day 1. Water

Day 2. Clothes

Day 3. Home

Day 4. Shoes

Day 5. Outdoors

Day 6. Church

Day 7. Food

Day 8. Family

Day 9. Health

Day 10. Love

Using the word for the day, share a  picture or a few words on whatever social media channel you want using the hash #10daysofgratitude or in the comment section here starting tomorrow!

Lets want what we already have and show thanks for God's basic provision.

~ Jenny