Desperate for Safety {Raising Our Kids In A Fearful World}

Howell family 246editPhoto: Karin Prunty Photography Often, when I'm about to write I am blasted with the lie that speaks "You don't need to speak these words. People are not interested and have so many other things they will read today."

Well folks, those are the days that shout hope and give fresh perspective so I'm told by you guys. Today I will blow past that "Don't write it!" sign and point our hearts to the Author of our lives today.


It is the time we live in, but it is not by accident that we are raising our families in these times.

Tragedy and bloodshed and darkness ring through the news striking humanity with fear and anxiety.

Devastation is blanketing our globe with families escaping persecution like we will never, ever know. I wonder how we can judge the hearts of man... especially when we've remained comfortable in our faith. In our claims of Christianity?

Countries of power are trying to control the amount of evil entering with hopes of protecting and safe guarding.

Safe places are becoming more and more unsafe and the stability that people long for can not be found on the soil of planet earth.

My heart aches for the displaced and uprooted. For the sins of some that cause mistrust and anger towards all.

It's all so messy and desperate.

I am the mother to 5 kids.

With each one entering our family over the past 16 years there has been tragedy and heartbreak in the lives of the world. Each bedtime prayer and story cuddle time left me with asking God hard questions about their future.

Each time God responded with "This child was my idea, not yours."

Ouch. But thank you.

Entrusted by God Himself to instill hope in a bigger purpose. Empowered to speak the prophecies written ages ago to my sons so that they can walk in obedience and keep their eyes fixed on eternity with the only Prince of Peace.

Held by the power of the Holy Spirit to pour out His devotion and song to my daughter as she looks ahead and dreams of being a mom herself one day.

I was standing in our student worship service last night and was hit in the face with peace and blanketed with determination to continue to lead our kids into the future hope of Jesus making all things new.

Its coming. They are living it. We are leading it.

My anchor is not and will never be the condition of humanity.

Maybe this song will usher in the peace of Christ you need for today. To our God we lift up one voice, to our God we lift up one song.

We will continue to make His praise glorious.

We will shout His name for the world, over the hurt, and for the hope of whats to come in the lives of our kids both today and in the news to come.


To Our God Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, Joel Taylor

Up from the ashes Your love has brought us Out of the darkness into the light Lifting our sorrows Bearing our burdens healing our hearts

Chorus: To our God we lift up one voice To our God we lift up one song To our God we lift up one voice Singing Hallelujah

Chains have been broken eyes have been opened An army of dry bones is starting to rise Death is defeated We are victorious for You are alive Hallelujah Hallelujah (repeat)

Bridge: We'll make His praise glorious glorious, glorious For His name is glorious, glorious, glorious Make His praise glorious, glorious, glorious Shout His name Glorious, Glorious, Glorious