My New Relationship With Concealer {Prayers at the Make Up Counter}

image It has been on my list of "someday" for a few years now. Ladies, I have not really been into make-up. I mean I have plenty that attempts to get the job done, but the word "attempts" should be noted.

I've bought the cheapest make up possible for 20 years and never really thought spending more or getting some make-up counseling was important.

For my birthday, my friend Heather made me an appointment at the MAC counter at the mall in Nashville.

We made our way to my appointment with my new destiny. This was going to be a game changer, I just knew it.

I don't frequent malls and I am positive I looked Amish walking up to that counter to take my seat. I don't mind Amish at all... I just wasn't mall material at the moment.

The gal who was my appointed make up artist was stunning. Dark complexion, hot pink lips, mile long fake lashes, a few piercings, and just all around confident. She was everything I was not and I kinda loved that.

I looked at my friends Heather and Carly with the widest of eyes. They knew this could go two ways. I could end up walking out looking like a night clubber or a 40-year-old mom with an update.

I began to offer up my, "Jesus, please let this woman feel my inexperience and allow her to use her knowledge to help a mother out. Please let this hour be helpful and not hysterical. Amen."

She kindly offered, "What can I help you with today?"

I filled her in on my life.

"You see, I just turned 40 and I need my blush to show up. I need to learn how to make sense of eye shadow and not have eye liner running like a river. I'm trusting you  to do something about these dark, tired circles.  I would love to feel put together, not thrown together. I've done that for ever. I'm done with that."

She sympathized with me and even spoke the "You look amazing to have 5 kids girl!" sediments. To which I replied, "Well thank you...Lets work on the amazing part."

The gal effortlessly brought over colors, brushes, and began the match making process with my skin and eyes. How did she do it... especially while she was feeling the  beat of the jams in the store. I listened and learned.

As my face began to come together, I gathered up some courage for actually putting in a little effort into my self. Part of my turning 40 changes include not being okay with caring for myself last.

My friends encouraged my new look and promised me the layers of make up weren't as over the top as they felt.

While we finished up, the products she used to accomplish my goals for the day were up for discussion. Heather helped me decide which items were mandatory while Carly informed us that she had just seen Carrie Underwood walking by (because Nashville).

I couldn't fathom actually applying the 3 colors of eye shadow correctly but the blush strokes, yes I could do that.


I said to the gal, "The concealer. I definitely need that miracle worker." I've had these circles for as long as I can remember. Everything I use to cover just magnifies the problem you know?

She replied, "Oh girl I do."

Oh man, isn't that the truth for life. There will always be dark places... some things cover better than others.  Call me crazy, but I've been thinking about this during my new morning make up ritual.

I thanked her. We bought the critical products and left.

I've been missing out people. Why didn't someone tell me earlier? Its okay, I can't think of a kind way to tell me that I look like an exhausted 40 year old mother of 5.

It's never too late to make small changes that lead to feeling better. I know a great gal in Nashville that can help and have some friends who know how to make a momma feel special.

Here's to ya'll doing something on your feel better list asap!

~ Jenny