Be Merry {Finding Your Inner Holiday Happy}

image Walking around the messy house Sunday morning it hit me like a ton of bricks. Trying to get everyone loaded up with dreams of arriving on time, usually  leaves our home looking like an explosion! I know I have friends who understand me here.

Put the holiday crazy on top of it all and you have the opportunity for things to go south really quickly. Suitcases are stacked in piles around every turn. Lists are everywhere on paper, on walls, and on phones and all of a sudden the planning doesn't feel as accomplished as I hoped.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast 7 toothbrushes, pairs of shoes, outfits lying around, breakfast dishes, and hard wood floors littered with toys from the morning takes over with no apology.

I had everyone in the car ready to leave as I stood in the kitchen assessing the damage,  but didn't have time to do any recovery work.

In the drive home I warned my husband of the disaster status - to which is responded, "it won't take long to tidy it up" - oh good, I thought. Glad he isn't feeling overwhelmed!

In that moment I remembered that happiness is a simple choice.

An attitude of "its okay we'll get it taken  care of" can go a long way when life feels chaotic and out of sorts.

Christmas is a time to be merry and celebrate good gifts with hope and joy! The busy planning, gift finding, and calendar of events can leave us messy and not merry right?

As we look ahead to the next few weeks, I hope that your spirit can fill up with purpose and release the control to be perfectly perfect.

Giving yourself AND others grace will free everyone up to find their inner merry and soak up time together. Happiness can be a matter of choosing that allows us to be merry and give merry to our people this year.

Merry Christmas from all the Nighthowells! I am thankful for each of you and the families that you represent.

Ya'll have inspired me to write more this year with your encouraging comments and desire to connect with the words typed here! Thank you for helping me find the voice that loves to relate to your real life crazy.

I'm so looking forward to a New Year of adventure, parenting stories, and real life hope as we journey together.


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