Setting Those Ever Loving New Year Goals on Fire [Living Light and Hopeful In the New Year]


Leading a group of girls in Alaska, I remember having them write down things that hindered their walking closely with God. Habits, unhealthy dreams, false identity, and all the teenage troubles.

We made our way to a burn barrel outside the church where a small campfire lit the frozen night.

One by one they released those lists into the fire. The fire didn't change my girls, but allowing them to choose to live lighter and with more hope did.

We left the circle that night a little bit lighter and a lot more hopeful. That is the way I want to step into 2016.

Last night, I was in the middle of the "hurry and clean the house before guests arrived" hustle when the New Years Eve mini goal panic set in.

I had been thinking throughout the morning of things you normally ponder on the last day of the year.

I was feeling especially thankful and hopeful but I wasn't exactly feeling  goal happy.

Just the usual do better/feel better things that we let slide over twelve months came to mind.

We all have those lists.

Things that we need to do better at,

things we need to step out and try,

things we need to release.

I began making mental lists of the obvious things I needed to commit too...

Water. I don't drink enough of it. Lame goal I know.

Back to tracking intake to make sure I'm getting enough.

Coffee. I way over drink it. True story every day.

I feel convinced about drinking coffee after noon.

Exercise. I don't love it until I'm in it. And then I'm dying.

But I want too and I need too.

Reading. Its time to get my brain back. Or at least a corner of it.

It has been waking up this past year and I could use fresh words in my day.

Writing. I am feeling led to share more of my heart. My inner author is making its appearance.

I need to get my time organized so writing doesn't consume me.

SchoolingI want to stay on top of my four student's needs and talents.

Staying in tune with our kids takes time and talking. We need both.

Passion. On a few levels I've felt compelled to speak up. This could be terrific or tragic.

I desire my voice to be seasoned with wisdom, truth and gentleness whether in the  easy or hard words.

Let's be really honest here since it is after all January 1st. Can we?

List making makes us feel accomplished. List making does not accomplish. For me, I jot down hopes and days later I've lost touch with my inner New Year inspiration.

You may be amazing at doing exactly what you set out to do. I struggle. I don't mean too, I just have a hard time narrowing down my desires to a realistic focus.

I want to do a couple of things really well. I do not want to do give into busy. Because doing too many things half way makes me crazy.  I'd rather live my days not drowning on purpose if I can help it in the slightest. You?

Planning out the weeks and months can appear well thought out and has a fun vibe!

I do love a fresh calendar and I KNOW y'all do too because... I've been to Marshalls with you and gone paper happy in that dreamy stationary end-cap.

Calendars however turn into schedules which turn into less time. Ugh!

Writing down plans, dates, events... yes of course we need some order.

Filling up those blocks so that no time is left for our most treasured desires and valuable people is not going to give us that New Year joy we long for.

So... make your lists if you love them. Or throw them in the fire if they aren't the real you.

Fill your calendar if it keeps you balanced. Or make refusing to fill it up, your goal.

Make plans if you have people in line to meet with you. Or set a limit and stop giving more of yourself than you actually have in you to give.

Mostly... how about we all just do exactly what we can one day at a time and let that be enough. Lets lighten our loads with less expectations and more inspiration.

Some days all you can do is one thing, not ten.

Some weeks all you can do is cross off one plan.

Some nights all you can do is sit (and drink that too one too many cups of coffee and not read or write).

Reality for me is not lists and plans and goals. It is more living inspired. To love, share, keep it all very real and heaven help me BE PRESENT.

Jesus help us be people who follow through more with you, than we do our New Year goals strategies.



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