Blessing In The Boring {Finding Out What Makes You Come Alive}

image The take off swiftly lifted us up above Seattle, out over the water on a mountain tour of sorts. I sat peering out that way too tiny of a window in row 12. Peaks and valleys were in full glory as they should be.

I thought to myself, how sad it was that they were kept hidden and barely enjoyed by the human heart. For a minute I sorta wanted to land (but not crash!) in that mountain range just to enjoy the beauty a little longer.

Trying to hold on to that exact moment was conflicting with my not at all wanting to go back home.

Why would God want me to not have my heart bursting like this every single day? Instead I live wishfully and a little bit in grieve mode for the nothing pretty about where he has me living.

Do you do that sometimes? Feel like what is in front of you just isn't igniting any kind of heart pounding  passion inside?

But Jen, you say.

Your days are exploding beautiful views in front of you!

Your home, your kids, your love & marriage.

You have friends that care, and reach, and give, and keep you level while speaking truth.

What on earth more do you need?

I'm so glad you said all of that! It's true for me and its true for you...but God does give us desires that draw us into His presence.

How do I find those beautiful blessings when all feels boring in my scenic world? Thankfully my connection with God allows for me to ask Him to reveal to me what my heart needs without having to stand at the foot of elevation.

He knows so much better what I think I need to come alive. He is the one who makes me come alive and because of Him I am... every day, no matter the view.

The flight continued to climb.

Spruce trees covered the elevation for miles and miles and then the tears fell. Spending two weeks in Alaska was just what I needed to reconnect with loved ones and remember how scenery makes me alive. Gosh - I miss it something fierce.

Sometimes we get stuck in routine. Same place, same people, same view. We need a reminder wake up call of just how blessed and provided for we really are in the day-to-day despite our present situations.

Have you ever been somewhere so breathtaking that you actually want to concentrate on taking it all in so you don't forget? That was me every single hour of the 12 days.


I mean... tiny cabins buried in feet of white with fireplaces glowing. Ice floating up water passages. Snowmachine engines ripping across frozen lakes. Sipping cups and cups of hot coffee close to a window or outside in the crisp air. Stopping to admire moose in the wild. Blown away by those northern lights.

Sharing the same space with people we did life so closely with in Alaska, had a way of confirming my desire to continue giving our lives away.

He showed me that of course there was more  to my heartbeat than the view! God in His wisdom created me to love people AND to love beauty.

Truthfully, I would be lonely in the beauty without loved ones (well I could survive for a good week or two). So instead of wishing for less boring things to look at each day... I get to have people all the time. The wishing leaves me desperate for beauty but longing to meet Jesus. Which isn't a bad place to be!

When I finally get out in creation, His glory comes into view I am completely taken and finished. I've learned that the spectacular is better for me here and there for now because God is wanting to work on other things in my life.


I hear him best in scenic moments and so I look forward to them and anticipate His voice more than I do in the boring settings... something I need to work out.

Maybe you are in a boring place waiting for blessing. You maybe longing for a fresh glimpse of Him. I totally understand! Or maybe you have amazing scenery surrounding you but your relationships are fading out.

Either way, He can meet us and speak to us no matter the view or people who are filling our days.

As darkness fell and we touched down in Nashville I had processed all that He allowed in me on my trip home...there is blessing in the boring but that makes the breathtaking times so powerful.