Hello Friday {When All Is Not Well With My Soul}


Friday morning met me with a snuggle baby boy wearing his Santa footie pajamas mid January. Holding him tight in the chair, we watched the rain fall and the fog roll in.

I did my best to take in the beauty of the morning trying to muster up the courage to feel peaceful when really I was saying with conviction..."Well Hello Friday. You won't get the best of me."

No amount of personal courage can talk me into feeling "happy" about hard circumstances. So there I sat, arms full - but doing my best to drive out fear.

As he drifted off to sleep in my arms, I began to ask Jesus to speak to the hardened places of my heart.

I glanced over at the quote very sloppily scribbled across the chalkboard in the kitchen. It read,

" The secret is Christ in me, not me in different set of circumstances." -Elisabeth Elliot

He swiftly arrived at the scene of my hurting self, my questioning, and my wanting to fight back.  He spoke peace and truth.

Discouragement hit me like a freight train yesterday and don't normally fall prey to desperately wanting to be heard out. I mean, I speak up on occasion but yesterday, it finished me.

I thought to myself how immediate our God is to show up when we call. He is forever on time. 

Me: "Jesus"

Him: "I'm here."


Instant comfort was mine because without a fancy prayer or words that impressed Him, He knew I was in need of getting out of my disappointment and on to seeing what He has ahead.

I also have been here enough times over the years to not be nieve to the reality that YES he shows up on the spot, but that doesn't mean all is well with my soul.

It doesn't mean He is going to smooth out, repair damage, or heal the hurts in a timely manner.

It does mean that I am not alone in the journey and even when I don't like it.. I know that God regularly uses imperfect people to bring about His perfect change.

Honestly, I don't always agree with His way of getting to His will. It is messy, and confusing, and people who we trust and stand up for have the potential to hurt and let us down.

He reminded me this morning that He doesn't need my agreement - he needs my obedience. So this Friday may we hold fast to Christ in us and allow Him to move into the harsh reality of the day!

Let your simple prayers call out and as they settle in, the discouragement you might be carrying will have to face Jesus. When our game face is erased, His game is stronger.

Thankfully He is  present and ready to travel along with His great purpose and hope.

Happy Friday my friends.






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