When Heart Change Feels Crazy Complicated [(in)courage guest post]



Today is the day that (in)courage is sharing a guest post I submitted early December. But listen... let it be known that I was feeling brave and scared at the same time because I've never thought of myself as a "for real writer".  I'm completely honored to share the desk with umm... some of my favorite author heroes and fellow brave souls. So, pull up a chair and finish the rest of the post over at their cozy space!


Some days my heart decides its a good day to pack up and take a hike. My days are so full of good things but somehow this past year, I have slowly found myself moving away from my former agreeable self.

This one particular night, I took my seat on the couch with a cup of coffee in hand and husband across the room.

It had been a long few days of not being on the same page. Twenty years of love and doing the hard work of selfless living had gotten the best of us that week.

I did my best to explain the condition of my brutal heart and why I felt like things had changed, but it all came out sounding spoiled and needy and lacking hope. I could feel God calling me into question... and refining the places I had wondered.

Have you been there too?

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